10 Largest National Veterans Cemeteries in the U.S.

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The Department of Veterans Affairs' (VA) National Cemetery Administration maintains 135 national cemeteries in 40 states (and Puerto Rico) as well as 33 soldier's lots and monument sites. These sites range from very small – less than a half acre in size – to more than a 1,000 acres. Regardless of the size, these serene Read More »

Guide to U.S. War Cemeteries and Memorials Located on Foreign Soil

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There is no doubt that the U.S. Armed Forces is a truly global organization, with more than 300,000 active duty servicemembers deployed in more than 150 countries, and more than 800 bases operating in 70 countries. It’s not surprising, perhaps, that there are numerous cemeteries and memorials spread throughout the world honoring the U.S. soldiers, Read More »

Native American Veterans: 5 Facts You May Not Know

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 Despite an often-troubled relationship with the government of the United States, Native American warriors have played an important role in the military history of the nation, with service stretching back as far as the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, years before Native Americans would be recognized as US citizens. Statistics show that they have volunteered and Read More »

Four Famous U.S. Military Spouses

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In a nation with such a massive military force, it’s no surprise that millions of U.S. citizens classify themselves as spouses of active duty servicemembers or veterans. In fact, some statistics suggest that the U.S. Department of Defense is the largest enterprise in the world, based on the number of its military and civilian employees. Read More »

How the Veterans Administration Was Created: History of U.S. Veteran Benefits

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The most recent surveys of the U.S. population show that there are more than 21.8 million U.S. veterans today living today. They represent an important and vital population, and the U.S. government, from its origins, has rightly recognized the need to support them during and after their service to the nation. Care and assistance for Read More »

5 Largest U.S. Military Aircraft

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It’s mind-boggling to realize that less than 60 years after the first successful flight of a powered aircraft at Kitty Hawk field, Unite States pilots would be able to transport an exponentially increased amount of cargo and equipment across long distances, even refueling mid-air. The use of massive, powerful aircraft undoubtedly changed the course of Read More »

5 Oldest U.S. Aircraft Still in Operation

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With the high cost of production, and the extensive time and manpower investment of prototyping and perfecting military aircraft, it’s perhaps not surprising that when the U.S. military finds an effective and beneficial aircraft design, it holds on tight. Amazingly, even though aviation has only been a possibility for a little over 110 years, a Read More »

Is There a Gender Gap in the U.S. Military?

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In the United States, women and men theoretically face similar opportunities in their careers, with women able to serve in almost 100% of positions in the workforce. However, studies still show that women still face a substantial gender gap in salary, with women earning around 20% less than men doing the same job. And, while Read More »

Hidden Gender in the Military: 4 Influential Women

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The history of women in the military is one that is typically either unknown or forgotten. For the female soldier, the path to military equality has not been an easy one. Throughout time, there have been many instances of females hiding their true gender identity in order to fight for honor and justice. This phenomenon Read More »

3 Must-Read Books About Military Women

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Women have faced many challenges throughout history, including their struggle to become equal members of the military community. With nearly 200,000 active servicewomen and 1.8 million female veterans, women are a growing cohort in many of today’s worldwide military operations. It is important to understand the history of how women have made their mark in Read More »

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