Veteran Resources in Minnesota

Posted in Military Families, Veterans News on May 16, 2017
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Almost 400,000 U.S. armed forces veterans live in the Land of 10,000 lakes, and Minnesota veterans and their families are eligible for a long list of benefits as a result of their honorable service to their country. If you are just learning about the benefits you or a loved one may be eligible to receive, Read More »

The Best and Worst States for Veteran Senior Care

Posted in Military Families, Tips for Caregivers and Seniors, Veterans News on May 11, 2017
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At the end of 2016, there were more than 11 million U.S. Armed Forces veterans over the age of 60 living in the United States, according to the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs. Of these, the largest population was in the age range of 65-69 years old, the so-called “baby boomers” who are just entering Read More »

Frequently Asked Questions About CHAMPVA Insurance

Posted in Military Families, Veterans News on May 10, 2017
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The Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Department of Veterans Affairs (CHAMPVA) is a comprehensive health care program in which the VA shares the cost of covered health care services and supplies with eligible beneficiaries. Because of it’s similar naming with TRICARE’s previous name, it can be a bit confusing as to who is Read More »

New Hampshire Veterans Benefits and Resources

Posted in Military Families, Veterans News on May 8, 2017
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According to the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, the state of New Hampshire is home to more than 111,000 veterans, with almost half being over the age of 65. The state offers numerous benefits for these veterans and their families, and the State Office of Veterans Services is an excellent starting point to learning more Read More »

Michigan Veterans Resources

Posted in Tips for Caregivers and Seniors, Veterans News on May 1, 2017
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Michigan is the first state in the country to implement a regional, community-based, locally managed network of veteran services statewide. These Veterans Community Action Teams  (VCATs) are located in each of Michigan's 10 Prosperity Regions, and are comprised of federal, state, local, and faith-based organizations that support veterans in the communities where they live and Read More »

BAH Basics: Understanding Military Housing Allowance

Posted in Military Families on April 28, 2017
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What is the Basic Allowance for Housing? For many active members of the United States military, and some reservists and veterans, the Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) helps pay for housing for the service members and his or her dependents is they are not occupying government quarters or barracks. Previously called the Basic Allowance for Read More »

How to Become a PTSD Counselor

Posted in Jobs and Businesses, Veterans News on April 24, 2017
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The impact that war has on soldiers has been studied as far back as the American Civil War, when Jacob Mendez Da Costa, a cardiologist and assistant surgeon in the U.S. Army, started studying a condition in which soldiers reported a set of symptoms similar to heart disease, though no physical abnormalities could be found. Read More »

Vietnam Service and Birth Defects: Financial Help for Parents

Posted in Military Families, Veterans News on April 20, 2017
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In 1996, the U.S. Institute of Medicine concluded that there is limited evidence of an association between exposure to herbicides used in Vietnam (including “Agent Orange”) and specific birth defects in birth children of Vietnam veterans. Additionally, in 2000, an additional study expanded the impact by significantly associating a female veteran’s service in the Republic Read More »

Veteran Resources in Maryland

Posted in Tips for Caregivers and Seniors, Veterans News on April 13, 2017
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More than 414,000 veterans live in the state of Maryland, enjoying its diverse landscape, historic sites, delicious seafood, and close proximity to the Naval Academy and other important cities in the nation. Maryland veterans and their families have a well-developed support system available to help them access the benefits and services their honorable service has Read More »

Veteran Benefits in Massachusetts

Posted in Tips for Caregivers and Seniors, Veterans News on April 12, 2017
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The history of the U.S. military traces it roots back to the Continental Army, first raised by the Massachusetts Provincial Congress in 1775. It’s no surprise that these ties to the Armed Forces remain strong to this day, and many veterans and their families call the Bay State home, enjoying several benefits earned by their Read More »

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