About Veteran Aid

About Veteran Aid

What Is VeteranAid.org?

VeteranAid.org is a free resource for veterans, their surviving spouses and their families who are looking for clear, concise information about the VA Aid and Attendance (A&A) pension benefit and how to apply for it.

For veterans and surviving spouses who meet VA eligibility requirements, A&A can help pay for the cost of daily senior care, whether it’s provided at home, in assisted living or in a nursing home.

A&A can pay up to:

  • $1,881 per month for a single veteran who needs care
  • $2,230 per month for a veteran and his or her spouse
  • $1,209 per month for a surviving spouse of a veteran

This a need-based benefit that veterans have earned through their service but some vets and their families are unaware of the A&A program. By some estimates, although as many as a quarter of today’s American seniors are potentially eligible for A&A, only 5% are enrolled.

The application process for this benefit involves patience and work — filling out VA forms, gathering bills and receipts and waiting for approval. But the results can make a big difference in the quality of senior care that families can afford. That’s why we believe the effort is worth it and it’s why we’re here to help.

About Our Founder

Debbie Burak started VeteranAid.org after learning that her late father, a WWII veteran, had missed out on A&A benefits that could have helped his family pay for his care. Since 2005, Burak has worked to help other families claim the benefits their loved ones earned through their service to our country.

“We salute all veterans and thank them for their service. It is an honor and a privilege to recognize the sacrifice of service and to hopefully make a difference for your loved one.” – Debbie Burak, VeteranAid.org Founder

Today, VeteranAid.org is no longer a nonprofit, but we continue our mission to help veterans and their families with the A&A benefit application process. We know the VA website can be confusing and difficult to navigate, so we try to make the information on VeteranAid.org as clear as possible.

In addition to the information that families need to apply for the A&A benefit, VeteranAid.org also offers resources to help seniors and their families find the right senior living services near them. We hope you will use these free services from A Place for Mom if you’re looking for senior care options.


Visit our "Eligibility" page to see if you or your loved one may qualify for Aid and Attendance.