Iconic Images: 4 War Photos You Might Not Have Seen But Should

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War photography has been an important and interesting element of warfare since the invention of photography in the 1830s. War photographers during the U.S. Civil War staged and recreated still scenes from the battles since daguerreotype photography took several minutes to shoot, and, for the first time, American civilians could see with their own eyes Read More »

5 Must-Read Books on the U.S. Military

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Though the settings and circumstances change, the experience of the American soldier has common themes regardless of the generation. Heroism, bravery, internal conflict, fear and shock, and sacrifice for fellow man. Below are five outstanding books that explore these same complex experiences across the globe and across the years, from the eyes of those who Read More »

Who Are the Four-Star Women of the U.S. Military

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When the U.S. Navy’s Admiral Michelle Howard received her fourth star – making her the Navy’s second-highest ranking official and the highest-ranking African-American woman ever in any branch of the military – she noted that she had to special-order her four-star shoulder boards since they’d never been made for the Navy before. With her promotion, Read More »

The Forgotten Warrrior Memorial Wall Honors the Casualties of PTSD

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When a veteran returns home, he or she can expect to be welcomed by the gratitude of a thankful nation. Every service member who has signed up for duty has sacrificed in some way, knowing that their decision to serve may be life altering, especially for those who return gravely injured. But sadly, for thousands Read More »

5 Weird Weapons of War

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History has shown that war and its unique challenges can not only spark the creativity of the world’s inventors, but also open up a government’s willingness to give even the weirdest weapons a try. Below are five little-known weapons that were conceptualized, tested, and, in some cases, even deployed to try to sway the direction Read More »

The Grand Army of the Republic: 4 Things You Didn’t Know

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Founded in 1866, the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) was created for Civil War veterans to come together to support, share, and befriend one another. Acting initially as a fraternal order, the GAR steadily grew, with membership peaking over 400,000 in the late 1800’s. The organization had a wide influence on policies, politics, and Read More »

The History of Victory over Japan Day

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Many may not be able to accurately pin-point the date we claimed victory over Japan, but many will recognize the famous picture immortalizing the day forever. The famous image “V-J Day in Times Square” has become one of the most recognized and iconic post-war images to-date. It is right up there with the raising of Read More »

Top 4 U.S. Fighter Jets

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There’s no question that, since its inception, the use of aircraft has been an important part of warfare, stretching as far back as pre- and early-World War I, when tethered observation balloons – and later, German Zeppelins – were used for reconnaissance and artillery spotting. As the war picked up steam, the young airplane was Read More »

Cameras in Combat: War Photographers Tell Stories from the Frontline

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Most of us don’t think twice about where the photos of war we see on a regular basis come from. We don’t imagine a fully uniformed man or woman, weapon strapped to their side, shielding a camera lens from a dust storm to capture the image of a post-assault tank rolling through a village street. Read More »

Sky Soldiers: Aug. 16 is National Airborne Day

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  “Airborne.” “All the way.” It’s a unique greeting and response between Army paratroopers, the “soldiers of the sky.” They are considered three-time volunteers, first volunteering for military service, then volunteering to jump from a plane, and finally volunteering for combat on a recurring basis, often with little advanced notice. The first official Army jump Read More »