Are YOU eligible for the Aid and Attendance Veterans Benefit?

Hundreds of thousands are eligible for this little-known VA benefit, including spouses of veterans. Funds can be used for assisted living at many facilities.

Our quick two-minute questionnaire will help you determine if your family has VA funds waiting for you to claim.
    Quick Facts:
  • The Veterans Aid and Attendance (A&A) Pension provides benefits that reduce the cost of care for veterans and surviving spouses who require assisted living.
  • The A&A Pension can provide up to $1,794 per month to a veteran, $1,153 per month to a surviving spouse, or $2,127 per month to a couple. A veteran filing with a sick spouse is eligible for up to $1,410 per month.
  • Like Social Security, this pension is dependable and is paid directly to you by the Department of the Treasury.
  • This benefit can be used for in-home care, board and care, assisted living communities, and private-pay nursing homes.