How to find a Veteran's Discharge Papers: Aid and Attendance Benefit FAQ

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What are considered assets? :Aid and Attendance Benefit FAQ

One very important piece of information that is key to a complete Aid and Attendance benefit application are the discharge papers (DD-214) for a veteran. Even if it is the spouse of a veteran applying for the benefit, the discharge papers are a necessity. So where do you find discharge papers? The best place to Read More »

Red, White, and Blue: 7 Easy Patriotic Crafts

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Red, White, and Blue: 7 Easy Patriotic Crafts;

Whether you are celebrating the 4th of July, Memorial Day, or just summertime in America, these easy crafts are not only fun to create, but make festive decorations when you’re through. With a few simple and affordable tools, you and your family can enjoy the process of making the crafts as much as the finished Read More »

9 Themes to Make Your Military Care Package Outstanding

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9 Themes to make your Military Care Package Outstanding;

Deployment can be rough for everyone involved. Being away from loved ones and the comforts of home can make the days seem long and often lonely. Care packages from home are a ray of sunshine for a soldier, and can give family members at home an active way to reach out and show their love Read More »

Help Military Veterans Today with our Postcards

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Help us Spread Awareness of the Veterans Aid and Attendance Benefit;

Want to know an easy way to help our military veterans? Order some of our VeteranAid postcards to hand out to your clients at your business or organization today! is a website that was designed to inform veterans and their spouses of a little known pension benefit called Aid and Attendance (A&A). Every bit of Read More »

How to Find (And Get) the Best Military Discounts

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How to find best military discounts;

Many retail businesses, restaurants, and service industries like to show their appreciation to active members and veterans of the U.S. military by offering discounts on their products, either on a daily basis or on special holidays. However, how exactly do you go about turning the promise of a discount into a reality at the cash Read More »

5 Tips to Make a Military Long Distance Relationship Work

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5 Tips to make military long distance relationship work;

If you’re a military spouse or significant other, you’ve probably grappled with the reality that you may one day be facing a deployment that puts significant distance between you and him or her.  In fact, there are more than 1 million deployed service members at any given time, around the United States and in more Read More »

Top 10 War Movies

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Top 10 War Movies;

It’s fair to say that war is filled with drama. There’s action, emotion, conflict, and resolution, played out by compelling and interesting heroes and everyday people. Not surprisingly, there have been countless excellent films created based on war, and the various engagements of U.S. history. Below we’ve compiled 10 of the best. Apocalypse Now: Set Read More »

How does the Fiduciary Process work?: Aid and Attendance Benefit FAQ

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What are considered assets? :Aid and Attendance Benefit FAQ

Question: How does the fiduciary process work for the Aid and Attendance veterans benefit? First and foremost, the fiduciary and applicant (the veteran and/or veteran's spouse) do not start the fiduciary process until the VA has ruled the applicant needs to appoint a fiduciary to manage the Aid and Attendance application. Even if the veteran is Read More »

Gift Ideas for Veterans

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Veterans may appear to be living everyday lives jut like other civilians. But the reality is that they possess a very deep and emotional history tied to their years of service, and a strong sense of pride and connection to their active duty counterparts. Take this chance to give them a gift that they’ll really Read More »

American Veterans Aid Business Reviewed: Don't Let Them Take Advantage of You

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American Veteran Aid Business: Don't Fall into Scam;

Have you heard of “pension poachers” trying to take advantage of our nation’s veterans? This news segment that aired about explains a bit more about them: (  Veterans and their families are being taken advantage of by companies like financial planners and elder law attorneys trying to illegally charge veterans. stands by Read More »

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