How to Find and Request Military Records Online

Posted in Military Families, Veterans News on April 3, 2017
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If you are searching for the military records of a loved one, or need your own military records, there are several tools available to help you locate and request these documents. One of the best places to start is the National Archives, the government organization tasked with saving the most important documents, records, and photos Read More »

2017 Changes for Social Security

Posted in Tips for Caregivers and Seniors, Veterans News on December 5, 2016
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More than 65 million retired Americans and their dependents are projected to receive benefits from the U.S. government in 2017 via monthly Social Security payments, and keeping up with the changes to filing policies and strategies can be a daunting task. In particular, 2016 saw significant changes to Social Security claiming rules, after an emergency Read More »

Proud Military Spouse Badge Project

Posted in Veterans News on November 21, 2016
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The brave men and women who are or have fought for our country have some of the most supportive families. With's Proud Military Spouse Badge Project, we are supporting a charity that is near and dear to military families - Operation Homefront. Operation Homefront's mission is to "build strong, stable, and secure military families Read More »

VA Pension Benefits: Free Guide Explains the Basics, Outlines Process

Posted in Tips for Caregivers and Seniors, Veterans News on November 1, 2016
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More than a third of seniors over the age of 65 – or almost 9.3 million people – are military veterans or spouses of military veterans. Their service has earned them many benefits that can help make life easier and more affordable, especially later in life. Unfortunately, statistics also show that 69% of veterans and Read More »

The Best and Worst States for Retired U.S. Veterans

Posted in Jobs and Businesses, Tips for Caregivers and Seniors, Veterans News on September 30, 2016
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The average age for a retiring U.S. military officer is just 47 years old – 43 for non-disability enlisted personnel – meaning that a retired veteran has many years of life ahead of him or her after retiring. Many choose to start new careers, continue their education, or even start their own business. In any Read More »

Money Waiting: Little-Known VA Benefit Helps Pay for Caregiving

Posted in Tips for Caregivers and Seniors, Veterans News on August 18, 2016
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Veterans and surviving spouses of veterans may be missing out on a little-known but extremely helpful benefit from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) aimed at offering an “improved pension.” Known as the Aid and Attendance (A&A) Improved Pension, this benefit is specifically designed to financially assist veterans or surviving spouses who need help with Read More »

‘My Life, My Story’ Helps VA Patients Share More with Their Physicians

Posted in Entertainment, Tips for Caregivers and Seniors, Veterans News on August 1, 2016
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Recent studies show that the majority of U.S. physicians spend only 15-20 minutes with each patient, with some spending as little as 9 minutes with each. In a world where doctors feel rushed to see as many patients as possible, and are inundated with charts, vitals, and lists of symptoms, they work to make the Read More »

Top 10 VeteranAid Blog Posts of 2015

Posted in Entertainment, Tips for Caregivers and Seniors, Veterans News on May 25, 2016
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It's hard to believe that the year is almost halfway over. The VeteranAid blog started in October of last year. Here are the top 10 most popular blog posts from 2015: 7 Outstanding Professional Athletes that Served in the Military The connection between excelling in the military and in the sports arena are obvious. Hard work, dedication, Read More »

Important Tax Deductions for Assisted Living

Posted in Tips for Caregivers and Seniors on May 19, 2016
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As your parents or other senior loved ones age, you are most likely playing a role in their care. And while some prepared seniors may have the funds to cover their care costs, many will end up needing financial assistance from family members. The good news is that some of these expenses may actually be Read More »

Cover Letter for the Aid and Attendance Pension Benefit Application

Posted in FAQ, Veterans News on May 17, 2016
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A cover letter for the veterans Aid and Attendance benefit, while not required with the full Aid and Attendance application, is recommended in order to keep documents organized and clearly state to the VA what it is you are seeking. - award of the A&A pension benefit. The cover letter example shown below was shared Read More »

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