How to Buy a Military Surplus Vehicle

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Whether you’re looking to drive your favorite vehicle from your time in the service, have always wanted to own a tough and rough ride from a military movie, or just interested in a really great deal on super-rugged vehicles, shopping military surplus might be your ideal solution. Just like any company, the U.S. government is Read More »

3 Steps to Donate Your Vehicle to Veterans’ Organizations

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Ever wondered if you could donate your vehicle to a veterans' charity organization? Donating your vehicle to a veterans’ charity can be a valuable and relatively easy way to give back to U.S. service members and their families. Most charitable organizations depend directly on the support of the public to continue their services to veterans, Read More »

VA Automobile Allowance for Injured Veterans

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A service-related injury impacts a person’s entire life, from how he or she completes daily activities to how they get around town and to doctor appointments. These effects can last for years after the injury, and can drain a person’s bank account, making it difficult to afford basic needs, including transportation. The servicemember or veteran Read More »

5 Weird Weapons of War

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History has shown that war and its unique challenges can not only spark the creativity of the world’s inventors, but also open up a government’s willingness to give even the weirdest weapons a try. Below are five little-known weapons that were conceptualized, tested, and, in some cases, even deployed to try to sway the direction Read More »

Top 4 U.S. Fighter Jets

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There’s no question that, since its inception, the use of aircraft has been an important part of warfare, stretching as far back as pre- and early-World War I, when tethered observation balloons – and later, German Zeppelins – were used for reconnaissance and artillery spotting. As the war picked up steam, the young airplane was Read More »

A Humvee for Home: Buying Surplus Military Vehicles Online

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Ever wish you could drive a super-tough Humvee in everyday life? Or maybe use a military-grade bulldozer on your next construction project? Today some of the world’s top retired vehicles are available for purchase by civilians, all with the click of a mouse. You’ve seen them roll across the screen in your favorite war movie. Read More »

The Biggest and Baddest Military Helicopters

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There is no doubt that our US military have a tough job. It is job that would be much more difficult without the amazing technology and battle-gear created to make their missions successful. Some of the most incredible tech can be found in the military’s extensive fleet of helicopters. From special ops, rescue, attack, troop Read More »

The World’s 5 Largest Military Vehicles

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Times of conflict often push countries to the edges of innovation, as armies look for ways to out-power and out-maneuver their enemies. As a result, some truly impressive military vehicles have been created over the past 100 years, stretching the limits of engineering and machinery to lengths, weights, and capabilities previously unthinkable. Below are five Read More »