A Humvee for Home: Buying Surplus Military Vehicles Online

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Ever wish you could drive a super-tough Humvee in everyday life? Or maybe use a military-grade bulldozer on your next construction project? Today some of the world’s top retired vehicles are available for purchase by civilians, all with the click of a mouse.A Humvee for Home: Buying Surplus Military Vehicles Online; VeteranAid.org

You’ve seen them roll across the screen in your favorite war movie. Maybe you have fond memories of driving one during your time in the service. Or perhaps you just want something super-tough and awesome-looking. There’s no doubt that military vehicles deliver a durability and ruggedness that you just don’t find in civilian vehicles. Built to be as efficient and hardy as possible, these design features can be helpful to civilians wanting to explore harsher terrain, work in rougher conditions, or just drive something that can withstand more.

Today sites like GovPlanet help sellers of military vehicles – typically state, local, and federal agencies – connect with prospective buyers in weekly auctions to sell surplus inventory. From excavators and lifts to trucks and Humvees, the selection of military-grade vehicles is wide-reaching. GovPlanet was modeled after its parent company’s original site that sells used heavy-duty equipment with online auctions, and both sites employ an extensive inspection process that guarantees an accurate description of the vehicle’s condition.

The site features vehicles ranging from full-size Humvees to 5 ton trucks, all sorts of super-heavy duty trucks, trailers, booms, and even more specific items, like refrigerated shipping containers from the Marine Corps. Vehicles are demilitarized as needed, and some, like the newly featured Marines’ M1123 HMMWV, have been outfitted for sports and outdoors with new doors and tops.

Auctions for the military surplus vehicles and equipment are conducted 100% online, with the winning bidder also checking out online, where he or she then pays final taxes and shipping. Once payment is received, GovPlanet sends the purchaser the item’s exact location and the Item Release document required for pickup. They also work with a third party transportation company to help with freight shipping quotes as needed.

It’s important to note that some of these vehicles – basically anything larger than a Jeep – may require certain licenses (like a commercial driver’s license of CDL) to drive depending on the state you live in, even if you’re planning on using the vehicle purely for personal use. Rules vary depending on the vehicle’s gross vehicular weight rating (GVWR), meaning how much weight your vehicle is capable of hauling. Check with your state or local law enforcement department and ask for a "commercial vehicle enforcement officer" (or equivalent title) who will be familiar with the details of the law. There are also additional requirements if you’re planning on driving the vehicle very far from home, and if you’re crossing state lines, you’ll need to check with that state’s rules as well.

Written by Megan Hammons

A Humvee for Home: Buying Surplus Military Vehicles Online; VeteranAid.org

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  1. I am looking for a vehicle to pull my 30 foot camper with and a surplus vehicle would work for me. I would be proud to role down the road in a vehicle that represents our freedom

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