VA Pension Benefits: Free Guide Explains the Basics, Outlines Process

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More than a third of seniors over the age of 65 – or almost 9.3 million people – are military veterans or spouses of military veterans. Their service has earned them many benefits that can help make life easier and more affordable, especially later in life. Unfortunately, statistics also show that 69% of veterans and Read More »

Coaching Into Care: What is it?

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Finding the right words to help someone who is struggling with mental health issues can be a challenge. When it is a loved one dealing with war trauma or other painful memories, the type and methods used to communicate with them can require special skills. Fortunately, there are VA resources available to help families needing Read More »

Life Insurance for Veterans

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It is never fun to talk about life insurance. But, for veterans with families it is a very important topic. Life insurance provides financial support to family members should anything happen while a soldier is actively serving. Most active duty understand their automatic Service Group Life Insurance plan benefits (SGLI). However, once military service ends Read More »

Healing Gardens for PTSD Sufferers

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If you have never heard of a healing garden, you are not alone. Feng Shui-inspired, healing gardens offer tranquility, relaxation, and peace for those in need of solitude, harmony, and healing. Healing gardens have grown in popularity among doctors seeking alternative forms of treatment and are increasingly used as therapy for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) Read More »

VA Automobile Allowance for Injured Veterans

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A service-related injury impacts a person’s entire life, from how he or she completes daily activities to how they get around town and to doctor appointments. These effects can last for years after the injury, and can drain a person’s bank account, making it difficult to afford basic needs, including transportation. The servicemember or veteran Read More »

The Debate: Marijuana for PTSD

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The debate over the legal use of marijuana for medicinal purposes is well-known and evolving in the United States, with many states legalizing its use in recent years. These developments have raised the question of how cannabis can impact many diseases, syndromes, and injuries, including Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). PTSD is a mental health problem Read More »

Aqua Therapy for Veterans

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The tried and true method for coping with post-war trauma is a combination of physical and mental therapy. Doctors and researchers alike believe that strengthening the mind and body is the key to recovering from war-time memories and disaster. Lately, doctors are turning to alternative forms of treatment to help relieve many veteran ailments. The Read More »

Money Waiting: Little-Known VA Benefit Helps Pay for Caregiving

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Veterans and surviving spouses of veterans may be missing out on a little-known but extremely helpful benefit from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) aimed at offering an “improved pension.” Known as the Aid and Attendance (A&A) Improved Pension, this benefit is specifically designed to financially assist veterans or surviving spouses who need help with Read More »

Breaking the Cycle of PTSD Triggers through Meditation and Mindfulness

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According to the National Center for PTSD, about 7 or 8 out of every 100 people in the U.S. – or almost 8% – will experience posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) at some point in their lives. While it is today perhaps most widely associated with veterans returning from combat, a person can develop PTSD after Read More »

‘My Life, My Story’ Helps VA Patients Share More with Their Physicians

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Recent studies show that the majority of U.S. physicians spend only 15-20 minutes with each patient, with some spending as little as 9 minutes with each. In a world where doctors feel rushed to see as many patients as possible, and are inundated with charts, vitals, and lists of symptoms, they work to make the Read More »