Aqua Therapy for Veterans

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The tried and true method for coping with post-war trauma is a combination of physical and mental therapy. Doctors and researchers alike believe that strengthening the mind and body is the key to recovering from war-time memories and disaster. Lately, doctors are turning to alternative forms of treatment to help relieve many veteran ailments. The body and mind are very much key elements in these new treatments, but the approach to relief is very different. In Aqua Therapy for Veterans; VeteranAid.orgparticular, many veterans diagnosed with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) require different methodologies and approaches to treatment. Many times the key to easing PTSD symptoms involves relaxing and calming the mind, then focusing on any physical impairments. Those without PTSD may need a treatment that focuses exclusively on strengthening the body or learning to adapt to mobility challenges due to lost limbs. Regardless of the medical condition, alternative treatments are becoming more common.

Alternative Treatments

As mentioned in a previous blog, veterans are turning to yoga as an alternative treatment. Commonly, yoga rates high as a top relaxation treatment. It promotes movement, balance, and stress-relief for PTSD sufferers stuck in “fight” or “flight” mode. However, yoga is sometimes limiting for veterans that are suffering from physical limitations. That is where aqua therapy comes in. Aquatic therapy programs are often recommended when a veteran needs to learn how to adapt to new mobility challenges. Not only does the water help with mobility and confidence, it promotes serenity and calm. The water provides multiple opportunities for healing and has become a popular choice for doctors and veterans.

Aqua therapy can help:

  • Promote balance – Utilizing the water and its buoyancy, veterans can get a better judge of their body and how long it takes to respond to an action. This can help them understand their movements, especially when they are learning how to navigate with a new physical handicap. Once a veteran regains some balance, typically their confidence starts to increase.
  • Calm the mind – Water offers near weightlessness. The feeling of floating helps many people feel relaxed and calm. Gentle waves release tense muscles and help reduce bodily pain. As with yoga, the ability to shut the mind off while floating in the water offers tremendous relief.  
  • Build strength- This goes hand-in-hand with balance and calming the mind. Aquatic therapy builds mental and physical strength. Its two-pronged approach to relief heals more quickly than many other treatments available. For veterans that may be dealing with a variety of post-duty ailments, aqua therapy can target several at once.

A Healing Route

Aquatic therapy isn’t for everyone. But, it is an excellent alternative for veterans seeking relief from stress and pain associated with PTSD or life as a soldier.  Because aqua therapy can work on the body and the mind at the same time, it is ideal for chronic cases. If you have a veteran that is dealing with traumatic stress or other military related medical issues, consider aqua therapy as a potential healing route. For more information about aqua therapy, check out:

Aqua Therapy for Veterans;

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