Veteran Discounts in Philadelphia

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Philadelphia has an incredibly rich history and connection to the U.S. military, as it is the birthplace of the U.S. Army, Navy, and Marine Corps. Whether you are planning a trip or are a long-time resident looking to explore your own city, many of these great destinations offer discounts to active duty and veteran servicemembers. Read More »

Veteran Discounts in Atlanta

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The state the capital of Georgia, Atlanta is a meeting of the historic and the trendy. The city played an important part in both the Civil War and the 1960s Civil Rights Movement, and today is emerging as a destination for fine dining and leisure activities. For veterans living in and around Atlanta, or those Read More »

The Best Veteran Discounts in Houston

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As Texas’ most populated city, Houston offers a wide range of activities and attractions, ranging from fine arts, to historic, to professional-grade athletic competition. Many of these venues provide helpful discounts to active duty and veterans, making fun excursions more accessible than ever to thousands of Houston veterans and their families. As with most veteran Read More »

Discounts for Veterans in Chicago

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With more than 10 million residents and more than 54 million tourists visiting every year, Chicago is the third largest city in the U.S and a popular home and destination for military families and veterans. For these veterans, their honorable service has earned them many beneficial benefits and services, and Chicago upholds its military-friendly reputation Read More »

Veteran Resources in Hawaii

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It’s estimated that around 10 percent of Hawaii residents are military veterans, and it’s beautiful landscape, waters, and natural living make it a popular retirement destination for many members of the military. While the typical officer retires around the age of 47, they are still very much active and able to enjoy the many activities Read More »

Georgia Veterans Resources

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Georgia is a popular destination for veterans, as more than 750,000 call the state home.  With their honorable service, veterans have earned many benefits and privileges. However, it can sometimes be difficult to know how and where to access them. There is a long list of major veterans service organizations operating in Georgia, maintained by Read More »

Collection of Veteran Benefits for Delaware

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More than 77,000 veterans live in the state of Delaware, with almost half of those age 65 and older. These veterans and their families have earned helpful benefits from the state and the nation, and it’s helpful to be aware of all the resources available to them to make the most of life after military Read More »

Veteran Discounts for Orlando

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Orlando is one of the Unites States’ most popular vacation destinations, thanks to its wide range of theme parks and attractions – most under the Walt Disney World umbrella – and it’s beautiful, sunny weather. For military members and their families, the great news is that many of these destinations offer substantial discounts to make Read More »

What You Need to Know About the Montgomery GI Bill

Posted in Veterans News on February 13, 2017
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Members of the U.S. Armed Forces have earned many benefits with their honorable service, and the chance to continue their education after completing their commitment is among the most beneficial. While there are stipulations and various options to consider, the main takeaway is a very large potential return on one’s investment. To participate in the Read More »

U.S. Guard and Reserve Members are Officially ‘Veterans’

Posted in Veterans News on February 9, 2017
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How do you define a veteran? It’s a question many of us probably never considered. But for millions of retired National Guard members and Army Reservists, it is a matter of great honor. Up until recently – December 2016 to be exact – they couldn’t officially call themselves “veterans” unless they had served at least Read More »