5 Helpful Financial Tools for Military Members

Posted in Jobs and Businesses, Military Families, Tips for Caregivers and Seniors on January 23, 2017
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Military members and their families experience a unique set of circumstances, including an often-limited budget, unforeseen expenses from moves, or emergencies while a member of the family is deployed. The good news is there are multiple resources to help servicemembers make the most of their current finances, avoid debt, and handle life’s unexpected challenges. Below Read More »

Becoming a Military Lawyer

Posted in Jobs and Businesses on January 19, 2017
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If you have an interest in both the law and serving in the U.S. military, you could be the ideal candidate to become a Judge Advocate General, or “JAG.” Military lawyers handle the same types of cases as civilian lawyers – both civil and criminal – with the addition of military law issues, and their Read More »

Working from Home: Tips for Military Spouses

Posted in Military Families on January 18, 2017
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As a military spouse, you mostly likely knew that a life “married to the military” would include frequent relocations, lots of change, and even extended periods of time when your spouse would be away on deployment. While you accepted these challenges, you probably also quickly realized how this lifestyle can be particularly challenging on a Read More »

Helping Heal: Tragedy Assistance Program Connects Thousands of Survivors

Posted in Tips for Caregivers and Seniors, Veterans News on January 17, 2017
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In November 1992, eight soldiers perished in a C-12 crash in Alaska. Their families were at a loss. In their grief, they struggled to find a support system, and finally turned to each other for help. Here they found understanding and assistance they could find nowhere else; no one else could know what they were Read More »

Three New Year’s Resolutions for Military Veterans

Posted in Military Families, Veteran Holidays, Veterans News on January 16, 2017
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It is 2017, finally. Last year was rough for many people. Several beloved actors and musicians passed away during the year. And many of you may have also had family or friends pass away as well. As we think about the New Year and what it brings, let us suggest three New Year's resolutions for military Read More »

Top Discounts in Jacksonville, FL for Military and Veterans

Posted in Jobs and Businesses, Military Families on January 12, 2017
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Military personnel, families, and veterans are experts at stretching their money to make the most of their budgets. Happily, many businesses like to thank active duty and veterans for their service to the country by offering discounts to their goods and services. While you shouldn’t necessarily expect one at every business you frequent, you may Read More »

5 Unique Gifts for Military Stationed Overseas

Posted in Military Families on January 11, 2017
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Being stationed overseas in the U.S. military has some definite perks – interesting and oftentimes exotic scenery, famous places to visit, and new adventures for the making. However, the holidays can surprise a servicemember with some serious homesickness, and he or she may find themselves missing even the simplest things about life back on domestic Read More »

The Best Military and Veteran Discounts in San Antonio, TX

Posted in Jobs and Businesses, Military Families, Veterans News on January 10, 2017
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Known as “Military City, USA,” San Antonio, Texas has been home to a consistent military presence for nearly 300 years and today boasts one of the nation's largest active and retired military populations. San Antonio is also home to the Department of Defense’s largest medical center at Joint Base San Antonio Fort Sam Houston. Because Read More »

5 Ways Active and Retired Military Save on Airline Flights

Posted in Military Families, Veterans News on January 9, 2017
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The holidays mean more travel to see family and friends, and, happily, many airlines like to show their gratitude to U.S. military personnel and their families by offering discounts of flights and baggage. Anyone working with a budget that every little bit of savings helps, so it’s worth your time to check with your preferred Read More »

Hidden Gender in the Military: 4 Influential Women

Posted in History on January 5, 2017
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The history of women in the military is one that is typically either unknown or forgotten. For the female soldier, the path to military equality has not been an easy one. Throughout time, there have been many instances of females hiding their true gender identity in order to fight for honor and justice. This phenomenon Read More »

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