Success Stories of the Aid and Attendance Application

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With Veteran's Day approaching, I wanted to share some of the recent success stories and messages of thanks we Success Stories of the Aid and Attendance Application from the VeteranAid Forums; VeteranAid.orghave received from the forums. These people, these veterans and their families, have recently been awarded the Aid and Attendance benefit or are currently sending in and waiting on their application to be approved by the VA.

These stories and thanks would not be possible without which Debbie Burak started 10 years ago in hopes to help other veterans and their families.

On this Veterans' Day, we salute and thank the veterans who have served for our country.

Some Success Stories:

"I credit this site for providing the necessary information to pursue this on my own. . . I am my mom’s live in caretaker. . . Knowing that any question asked in the forum, will be promptly answered, is invaluable. I started gathering information in March, filed June 01, and the award as mailed October 10.  This hard work was definitely worth the peace of mind, given to my mom, for her financial situation. Thank you!"

"I have just completed all the paperwork for my mother's application for benefits and will be mailing tomorrow. This site has been a God Send in helping with the process. Now we just wait and see."

"I just want to thank you for this incredible site.  I've been reading through everything I could today, and have learned so much from the Admin and others who have been down this road. . .I am about to start this long and tedious process, expecting that the VA will require a fiduciary given her dementia.
Thank you again for this wonderful and informative site!"
--Blue Butterfly

"My journey began more than 6 years ago with starting and stopping (lots of stopping) paperwork. . . The takeaway here is yes you may feel like you've been trying to 'get on the on ramp' for years but eventually you'll get there. . .Thank you Debbie! The information on this site was key!"

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Success Stories of the Aid and Attendance Application from the VeteranAid Forums;

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