Veteran Resources in Maryland

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More than 414,000 veterans live in the state of Maryland, enjoying its diverse landscape, historic sites, delicious seafood, and close proximity to the Naval Academy and other important cities in the nation. Maryland veterans and their families have a well-developed support system available to help them access the benefits and services their honorable service has earned them.

If you’re just getting started accessing your VA benefits, or need assistance filing or following up on a claim, the Veteran Benefits in MarylandMaryland Department of Veterans Affairs Service and Benefits Program provides Veteran Service Officers (VSOs) in communities throughout the state. Statistics show that veterans working with VSOs tend to access more benefits and financial help than those applying alone, and these certified professionals are trained to help veterans and their families understand and navigate the claims process with success. These officers can be found throughout the state at VA medical centers, but also in smaller communities and satellite locations.

The Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs (MDVA) also supports local county resources for veterans and their families. A number of counties in Maryland have local veterans’ commissions, work groups, and councils designed to support constituents in specific regions of the State. You can review the list of participating counties online or by calling the MDVA at 410-260-3838.

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Veteran Benefits in Maryland

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