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As the center of the fourth most populous metropolitan area in the United States, Dallas, Texas is home to more than 120,000 US military veterans, 43,000 of which are age 65 and older. These veterans, through their honorable service to their country, have earned many benefits that can make life better for themselves, their spouses, and their Find the Most Veteran Resources in Dallasfamilies. Unfortunately, knowing how or where to access these benefits can be a daunting task if you don’t know where to start.

A primary concern for veterans and their families is always quality health care. The Dallas VA Medical Center, located at 4500 South Lancaster, is part of the VA North Texas Health Care System (VANTHCS), the second largest VA health care system in the nation. The hospital provides comprehensive health services including general medicine, surgery, mental health, rehabilitation, women’s services, and trauma and substance abuse programs. The Dallas VA Medical Center also offers specialized services for seniors, such as geriatric care, home-based care, hospice services, support services for caregivers of veterans, geriatric psychiatry, treatment for memory problems. Transportation to and from the Dallas VA Medical Center is made easier thanks to its on-site access to the DART’s Blue Line rail service, valet parking for visitors with handicap tags, and shuttle buses that run from facility parking lots to the main buildings.

Just a few blocks away from the Dallas VA Medical Center, veterans can access additional assistance at the Veterans Resource Center, established to serve as a first point of contact for veterans needing to connect with nonprofit, employment, educational, and VA resources. A non-profit organization managed by the Homeless Veterans Services of Dallas, the Veterans Resource Center has assisted nearly 28,000 veterans since September 2012. The center offers counseling services for veteran benefits, continuing education, and leadership programs, as well as a “day center” for veterans that features a workout room, computer lab, showers, laundry, and healthcare services. The center also offers a Female Resource Center that provides safe, female-oriented care and services for female veterans and their children. The Resource Center can be reached at 214-372-8822 or at 4900 S. Lancaster Road.

A very useful tool for veterans is the extensive website maintained by Dallas County Veteran Services, an office dedicated to helping eligible veterans and their survivors obtain benefits from the VA and the State of Texas. The website features an extensive frequently asked questions section that covers many specific topics veterans may encounter when applying for benefits, such as eligibility guidelines, explanation for various terms, and ways to obtain needed documents. The Dallas County Veterans Services office also provides an accredited Service Officer who can help file claims and advocate during the VA claim process. The office, located at 2377 N. Stemmons Freeway, also conducts outreach to veterans who are homeless, homebound, incarcerated, or living in nursing homes, to ensure that every veteran receives all the benefits for which they are eligible.

The Dallas County Veteran Services also has compiled a long resource list for veterans covering federal and state home, land, and long-term care programs. These agencies and benefits can help veterans obtain better home loan rates, assist with down payments, access property tax exemptions in certain cases, and obtain discounted home improvement loans for accessibility projects.

For a full list of Dallas veteran benefit resources and local support groups, visit the Dallas pages on

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Find the Most Veteran Resources in Dallas

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