The One Guide You Need For Minneapolis Veterans Resources

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Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes and over 360,000 veterans. Approximately a quarter of those vets live in the Minneapolis area.  With such a significant population living in the vicinity of a major metropolitan city, Minneapolis has built up quite a repertoire of veteran programs and benefits. Programs include housing assistance, health care, The One Guide You Need For Minneapolis Veterans Resourcescounseling, and tax assistance as well as community-based programs.

Like all states, the State Department of Veteran Affairs is a first stop for many veterans seeking aid. The Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs Central Office is located in the Veterans Service Building in St. Paul, MN. This office can link veterans to nearly any type of resource they need. From housing, education, elder care, burial information and even to other support groups and services. They also offer a 7 day a week service called LinkVet. This service operates like a directory, providing veterans with contact information or quick answers to benefit questions.

An important component of the State’s veteran benefits is their veteran homes for aging vets. The Minnesota Veterans Home - Minneapolis is a top-notch facility on a 53 acre wooded estate. The Home offers skilled nursing and clinical staff that care for just under 400 patients. Minnesota also has other veteran nursing home facilities in Fergus Falls, Hastings and a few other cities as well.

One of the most prolific providers of veteran aid is the Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans. Located in St. Paul, (MACV)  provides assistance to veterans throughout Minnesota. More than 25,000 veterans contact MACV each year. Unlike other services, MACV strives to not duplicate benefits provided by the county or state. To ensure that a veteran is receiving all of their entitled benefits, MAVC first connects them with the VA. However, MACV steps in to fill any remaining gaps typically focusing their efforts on veterans seeking help with housing or homeless issues.

For veterans in the Minneapolis area needing medical services, the Minneapolis VA Health Care System hospital is located on One Veteran’s Drive in Minneapolis. This hospital is designated as one of four Polytrauma VA Medical Centers.  Polytrauma occurs when an individual receives multiple wounds to various parts of their body. The Minneapolis hospital has the unique capability to rehab and serve serviceman more quickly and efficiently than other medical services that work on one critical rehabilitation at a time.

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Written by Brook Appelbaum

The One Guide You Need For Minneapolis Veterans Resources

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