How to find a Veteran's Discharge Papers: Aid and Attendance Benefit FAQ

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One very important piece of information that is key to a complete Aid and Attendance benefit application are the discharge papers (DD-214) for a veteran. Even if it is the spouse of a veteran applying for the benefit, the discharge papers are a necessity.Aid and Attendance Benefit FAQ: How to find a veteran's discharge papers?

So where do you find discharge papers? The best place to request the DD-214 is through the Government Archives.

There have been many tales of a fire of a government building destroying the discharge papers of many veterans and this story may not be completely accurate. It is best to at least try to obtain the DD-214 through the archives website even if you believe the papers were destroyed in a fire.

Prior to January 1, 1950, several similar forms besides the DD-214 were used by the military services, including the WD AGO 53, WD AGO 55, WD AGO 53-55, NAVPERS 553, NAVMC 78PD and the NAVCG 553. These can also work in place of DD-214.

Note, the veteran has to have had an honorable discharge in order to be eligible for the Aid and Attendance benefit. This goes for the spouse of the veteran as well.

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  1. Raymond A Mitchell, DAV (CSO) says:

    I am a (23) year, 100% Veteran. I am a card-carrying member of DAV, as well as a Claims Service Officer (CSO) for the past (8) years! I am receiving my VA Benefits, but what really bothers me is, when I try to help other veterans who have no, or can't get their benefits because the VA is feeding them different stories/lies about why, they don't deserve what they have earned in the military! Case and point. My older brother was a "Korean (Conflict) Veteran." Agent Orange wasn't sprayed there. But it saw stored there. He was telling me that "the smell of agent orange," in country there was so bad. That it could be smelled where he was stationed, which was Inchon Korea! The one thing that really gets my goat is. Those veterans who were in Korea, Vietnam, even in the wars of today, came back home wounded in body, and in mind, or both. And have find themselves living below, or at poverty level, and out on the streets! Because of "Security Clearances," levels. These veterans can't get VA Benefits, at all! This is a totally disgraceful thing to do to "any Veteran", who served his/her country! These veterans are being going to their graves, left and right! Because of "bureaucrat garbage,"! I have been trying to help my brother obtain his benefits since 2013, when I went to Michigan, on vacation. The VA has been giving him the run-around, concerning his health issues for the passed (2) or more plus years! I was on the phone with him more then two hours, trying to encourage him to not give up the fight! It is so hard when you know you are owed something, you have given your all to have what you are entitle to! And the VA fights you tooth and nail, on every hand! I have run into, or have tried to help so many veterans from passed wars who really need their benefits!

    I am from Norfolk Virginia, and Virginia is a Military Town! All branches of the military services, including the US Coast Guard, can be found here! In this area, obtaining veteran help with claims processing, can be found at the drop of a hat almost! In Michigan, or in other states, this process may or may not be as easy for some veterans! Doing Veteran Claims Processing isn't the easiest thing for the veteran, or the VA! What am I saying? Am I saying that government monies should be tossed in the air like a free-for-all grab? No!
    What I am saying is, the screening process shouldn't be so rigged that the people on the bottom, the ones who have security clearance issues, or those who can't get records etc; are put on the back burner, and left to die in misery! I know what it's like to live with/without help from the VA Benefits System. But I also know what it's like to finally get the kind of help you need and are looking for from the VA. "IT CAN CHANGE A PERSONS LIFE/LIFESTYLE, "DRAMATICALLY!" You have all kinds of people in this world, who are doing everything they can to take advantage of the the system! And I also know that the VA, is only trying to keep the system in tact so the innocent as well as the ones entitled to the benefit, gets or not get what's coming to them!

    As we speak, I have been trying to get situated, or relocated in a local CBOC clinic, or a DOD Hospital Clinic, so I can be of service to our veterans, with claims! I have been getting the run around for almost two months with out any word! Sometimes we want to through in the towel, but there is a spirit of love that speaks to the deepest part of ones heart, and says, "no you can't give up now, to many people are counting on you"! So, the fight goes on! I am reminded of the "Stand-down," my wife and I went to about two weeks ago on a Saturday Morning. It was held at all, the local VA Medical Centers, around the Country! For veterans in need of help with medical issues within the VA medical Centers themselves. I and the Mrs; went there to help out as much as we could. As it turns out, we were able to pass along important information to local veterans, on what it takes to apply for VA Benefits! There were so many people there that needed our help. The "Stand Down," went for about (3) hours. But time went by so fast my wife and I, at one point, looked around and were the only ones there in the area, except for the the line of veterans waiting to get information! It was a lot of fun helping fellow veterans. The local News/TV media was there as well! I wasn't paying to much attention to them. My concern was helping our veterans! All in all, it was a great day for my, and our veterans. People have been come to me and the wife and saying, "we saw you in the news, and on TV". What a blessing! All the glory goes to our Lord, for He has made it all possible!

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