7 Great Podcasts for Veterans

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If you’ve ever enjoyed listening to talk radio, or are simply looking for interesting topics you can enjoy at your leisure, you’ll be happy to know that a wide range of military podcasts – many covering veteran-specific issues and topics – are available and easily accessible from your computer or smartphone, 24-hours a day.7 Great Podcasts for Veterans

Podcasts for Veterans

With the term first coined in 2004, a “podcast” is an online audio file you can access from your computer or smartphone; the only cost associated with a podcast is typically the cost of the data you use while listening to or "streaming" the content. While traditional or “terrestrial” radio broadcasts are limited by the number of stations available, online podcasts are basically unlimited, allowing for a wider range of diversity and specialized topics.

So get out your headphones, plug in, and check out some of these great podcasts specifically covering topics for veterans:

1. American Heroes Network

This weekly, hour-long show highlights military heroes as well as the people and organizations working to make a difference for U.S. veterans. Guests discuss topics such as assisting individuals and their families who have been severely injured during service, homes for our troops, scholarships for families of fallen heroes and more.

2. AMVETS Radio

AMVETS – also known as American Veterans – is the largest and oldest veterans service organization that is open to all veterans and their families. Its series of regular podcasts interviews some of the more than 250,000 AMVET members in various leadership and command positions from posts around the nation, and covers various programs and initiatives that assist veterans.

3. Frontlines of Freedom

Frontlines of Freedom is hosted by Lt. Col. Denny Gillem, U.S. Army (Ret.), a combat veteran who also served as a Mideast War Planner during his 22 years on active duty. Besides the current war and military readiness, the show covers military families, homeland security issues and veteran’s activities. Guests on the show include admirals, Cabinet members, enlisted members, generals, officers of all ranks and politicians.

4. Guard the Guardians

This series of podcasts focuses on the sole purpose of helping active military, first responders, veterans and their families live better lives whether it's improving health and relationships, managing finances or overcoming trauma. Topics range from in-depth looks at military-related issues, like reintegration into civilian life to self-help issues.

5. Military History

With more than 6 million downloads, this popular site hosts stories on the “strangest anecdotes, innovative technology and most significant events of military history.” Topics cover a wide range of global military history, from gladiators and valor in the ancient world, to military medicine, military robotics, the Medal of Honor in Iraq and U.S. Special Operations Forces.

6. Talking With Heroes

Over the past decade, host Bob Calvert has interviewed thousands of military personnel and military support groups, Gold Star families, veterans and more. The interviews continue today with profiles on a wide range of American heroes, highlighting their military experiences as well as their work and efforts after service.

7. Veterans Helping Veterans

Aimed at connecting and informing veterans navigating the VA’s system of claims and regulations, this show features guest speakers from both veteran service organizations, the private sector and the VA itself to share examples and insight into how the system works and what can be done to improve it.

Written by Megan Hammons

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