Are You Looking for Cincinnati Veterans Resources?

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Just like any job, a career in the military has its up and downs, with things you love about it and things you don’t. When his or her EOAS date finally arrives, a veteran undoubtedly feels a wide range of emotions, from excitement about a new chapter of life, to trepidation about leaving behind an established, expected ecosystem of working and living. While their service has earned them a long list of ongoing support and benefits, many veterans have difficulty Are You Looking for Cincinnati Veterans Resources?accessing them, or even knowing where to start. While there is a myriad of organizations that service veterans, many operate in silos or focus on only one or two benefits, leaving a gap in a holistic approach to veteran benefits.

In Cincinnati, Ohio, the Tristate Veterans Community Alliance recently released a report that analyzed that state of veteran affairs in the area, building off a report initially created in 2014 by the Easter Sear Tristate organization. Original results showed a significant hardship for veterans finding a single source of benefits, or easy ways to work between local organizations. Most services focused on emergency or acute needs, rather than long-term transitional assistance. The 2016 report showed, however, that Cincinnati has “significant capacity” to respond to these concerns in the areas of employment and income, housing, education, and health, and that service providers in the region have made notable progress in many areas.

One of the most important and basic areas of need for the Tristate area’s 145,000+ veterans is, of course, health care. The Cincinnati VA Medical Center, located at 3200 Vine St., provides a long list of physical and mental health care services to veterans, their families, and their caregivers.  Many veterans wrongly believe that they need to be injured during active duty in order to receive VA health benefits, but this isn’t the case; as long as you are honorably discharged, you are entitled to receive health benefits from the VA.

The Cincinnati VA Medical Center, in addition to offering high-quality primary and surgical care, features specialized services for homeless veterans, female veterans, caregivers, and returning service members. It also provides services related to helping find employment, assistance for veterans returning to an educational environment, and vets needing assistance with legal issues. The center also hosts events and training courses, and helps to connect Ohio veterans to their local free transportation resources.

For veterans looking to secure home mortgage loans, Cincinnati falls under the jurisdiction of the Cleveland Regional Loan Center, one of eight VA regional loan centers (RLCs) administering the VA’s Home Loan Guaranty program. These centers make it easier for veterans obtain loans from private lenders by guaranteeing a portion of the loan against loss. The Cleveland RLC serves more than 5.5 million veterans in its 13-state area, and also works to help veterans avoid foreclosure, and to obtain the VA’s Specially Adapted Housing Benefit as needed.

If you’re needing assistance in applying for your VA benefits, or have specific questions on a claim, you can visit the Cincinnati Vet Center, located at 801B W. 8th St. Suite 126. Additionally, Vet Centers focus on helping veterans and their families readjust into civilian life through a range of counseling programs and events. To learn more the services veterans can access at Vet Centers, veterans can also call toll free 1-877-WAR VETS (1.877.927.8387).

For a full list of Cincinnati-based veteran support groups and benefits, visit

Written by Megan Hammons

Are You Looking for Cincinnati Veterans Resources?

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  1. Tony Fletcher says:

    I really need more assistance from VA my condition is worsening. I need economic assistance. I've done what I think is good for my health concerns. At my hearing in the past for VA compensation the examining physician didn't want to hear my concerns about injuries received on active duty. I hope I explained sufficiently so that I can receive the compensation and benefits that I should be receiving.

  2. Kaylin says:

    Tony, what I recommend you do is look into the Aid and Attendance pension benefit. It can help senior veterans and spouses pay for costs of senior care like home care or assisted living. If you think you're at that stage in your life where you need care, please look into this benefit. Visit to find out more information on eligibility, how to apply, etc.

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