5 Military Veteran Podcasts to Check Out Today

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In the wide range of resources available to veterans on the Internet these days, you may be surprised to learn that Five Veteran Podcasts to check out Today; VeteranAid.orgthere are actually a large number of veteran-focused podcasts covering specific topics, interests, and discussions that may benefit you. Podcasts are the present-day version of talk radio shows, but with the added benefit of being able to access them from your computer at any time. Podcasts are typically released as a series, with new installments being posted on a regular basis. You can often listen to the podcast on the host’s website, or subscribe through an app like iTunes and Stitcher.

We’ve gathered five great podcasts for veterans for your listening enjoyment; comment below to add your own suggestions!


Started by a 10-year Army vet, this site posts weekly interviews with members of various Veteran Service Organizations (VSOs). Founder and chief interviewer Jeremy Paris explains that after meeting countless VSO reps at an event in Washington, D.C., he realized many veterans had no idea these organizations existed and how they could benefit from them. Podcast topics cover financial support (such as the Aid and Attendance pension benefit), emotional help, ways to help homeless veterans, supporting veterans in the community, and much more.

Veteran Transition Podcast

If you’ve ever liked to hear stories from other veterans going through the transition back to civilian life, this podcast features numerous interviews shared to help build a supportive community for vets. Founder Craig Mayville, a former Marine Sgt. and CH-53D crew chief and mechanic, explains that his goal with the podcasts is to directly contribute to the wellbeing of other veterans, given the elevated risk associated with adjusting to civilian life, such as depression and suicide.  There’s also a form on the site that lets you submit your own story for a chance to be interviewed.

Veterans On the Move

Primarily focused on helping veterans transition successfully from the military to entrepreneurship, Veteran on the Move features interviews with veteran entrepreneurs, start-up experts, and educators, as well as helpful tools and resources for all entrepreneurs. Founded by a 24-year military vet, the podcasts cover real-world experiences and lessons learned from military veterans that have become entrepreneurs, and features programs and resources to guide veterans in their quest to become successful entrepreneurs.

Veterans Café

Hosted by a husband and wife duo, both with past and current military service, these podcasts cover a wide range of topics that impact a veteran’s daily life. The hosts regularly interview representatives from veteran-focused organizations, discuss changes in military guidelines, or debate on current events. The show is light-hearted and fun, and encourages other vets to email and interact.

Veteran Artist Program Podcast

The founder of this podcast was actually a classically trained opera singer before the events of 9/11, after which he enlisted in the U.S. Army and became a linguist serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Upon returning to civilian life, he was looking for a way to merge his life experiences and founded a non-profit organization that today seeks to assist veterans stepping into the creative arts community. Guests include emerging artists discussing their journey both in the military and in the arts, as well as leading professionals and prominent personalities.

Written by Megan Hammons

Five Veteran Podcasts to check out Today; VeteranAid.org

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