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How to Apply for the Veterans Aid and Attendance Benefit was created to be an educational and supportive website for veterans and families looking for the Aid and Attendance benefit. This infographic was recently created to share with veterans and their family members so awareness can be spread about this little known veterans pension benefit.

Please share this image with your friends, family, on your Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. Help VeteranAid get the word out so we can help families be able to afford the care they need for their loved ones.

Want to use your A&A benefit to find the right assisted living home for you?

Be sure to call (866) 913-2555 or visit to start your search. A local care adviser can assist you in finding the right care type for you in your area using your Aid and Attendance benefit to pay for the costs. This phone call and assistance is NO cost to you.

How to Apply for Veterans Aid and Attendance Benefit;

January 19, 2016

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