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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by vetadmin, May 16, 2012.

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    Please note that this is not just an issue that Senator Wyden is working on.

    VA is already making big changes on how pension will be considered and evaluated. This includes adding a look-back period, increasing the net worth limit, and disallowing independent living facilities (such as Holiday Retirement facilities).

    Look at the link I just posted. There is a video GAO made of people trying to scam the program.
  3. I came here looking to see if anyone had posted something about "The American Association for Wartime Veterans."
    An organization called Care Patrol referred me to them, as I'm in a time-crunch situation trying to get my dad into a group home, as the nursing facility says he doesn't qualify financially, and there's some hairiness in qualifying for Medicaid.

    I was given a brochure that mentions there informative "seminars." Their website similarly refers readers to attend a seminar.
    I spoke to a "financial advisor" and flat out asked him how he gets paid for his services, and he said he can't charge, but gets paid somehow when people have assets to manage -- the connection was bad and I had a hard time understanding him.

    Should I use their services, if they really are free of charge? Or should I attempt the application on my own for my dad?

    I just get a weird vibe. But I'm so confused and would welcome help!
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    Do it yourself, and don't ignore that "vibe".

    They get a very handsome "commission" off of writing the policy. This group is well known for their actions. They work with a lot of the Independent/Retirement communites, and one of their founding members makes sure that only their services are used by the facilities.

    Everything you need is on the site and here to get you through this process.

    If Dad's assets are too high at this time, you would be better off waiting until he can demonstrate a financial need. You don't want his money put into the wrong products that he won't be able to access if he needs them. There is also the issue of how this would impact his need for Medicaid down the road.
  5. Thanks so much. Please ignore the message I just posted in another thread -- I didn't see you were online.

    Due to a complex disaster of a financial history, dad has no assets, but also doesn't qualify for Medicaid right now, and owes the IRS a ton of money.
    The place he's being transferred to today has agreed to take less until he qualifies for the benefit, but wants the difference retroactively when he does.

    It's a mess!

    I have most of the paperwork assembled thanks to trying to apply for Medicaid, I suspect. But the marriage certs will be a problem -- his first wife, my mom, is deceased and he divorced the second. No paperwork I could find in his files, anywhere. Fun times.

    Thanks again for your patience with my stupid questions.
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    No stupid questions, and I sent you an email.

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