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    Do you need to reapply for A & A annually?......I cannot imagine having to go through this frustrating and time consuming process on a yearly basis! If so, what is involved and what documents should I be saving/collecting? Thanks!
  2. newpenny

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    You get mailed a review letter every year that has to be filed out. It has to be mailed into the VA by the end of March. I am new to this but I believe it gets mailed to you in January .
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    Veteran Eligibility Verification Reports are typically received by the first week of January each year. All claimants that have income other than social security and are receiving the pension benefit should receive a form in the mail. If the VA does not receive the completed form back from the claimant by March 1, the benefit checks will be stopped. The form must show all medical expenses and income for the past year and current recurring unreimbursed medical expenses and expected income for the coming year.
    For the most part, these forms are straight forward and are based on the application that you submitted. The VA is basically looking for changes in the applicant’s status:
    • Changes in finances- income, assets or cost of care
    • Change in facility or care giver hours.
    • Sale of home or property

    Be sure to keep a record of all taxes, medical bills, property tax information, everything! I have a large binder, divided into several categories. I keep copies of all records and every piece of mail from the VA, anything concerning Mother, I put in this binder. It comes in very handy when it comes time to complete the EVR form and/or to show proof of various information requested by the VA. Good luck!
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    Thanks for giving this info.
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    During the yearly review is the a&a benefit calculated as income that has to be paid down? Or is still looking to be sure all other income is being spent on medical necessities.
  6. VA Legal Team

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    The VA no longer uses annually EVR's to assess continuing eligibility for A&A.

    You may receive a letter asking you to report any changes that would affect A&A eligibility.

    Even if you don't receive that letter, you need to report changes to income, net worth, and dependency that would cause a change in A&A benefits.

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