Won't accept POA...now what?

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    I have been reading through the FAQ's and they have been helpful. I understand that the VA will not recognize POA. So, how do I submit paperwork then? I would be filing on behalf of my mom, who has had a stroke. She is unable to sign or read documents, which is why I am POA.

    So, who's name do I use to file? Hers or mine?

    Thank you?
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    You can be your mother's fiduciary through the Aid and Attendance application process. You would just need to fill out the proper forms for her and have the physician's statement, statement of occupancy, etc. filled out also in her name. The physician's statement will have the question of whether or not your mother can handle her own financial affairs. However, once you get ready for the fiduciary process there is a bit more to it.

    I actually just recently wrote up an article on the VeteranAid blog about the fiduciary process here: http://www.veteranaid.org/blog/2016/02/11/how-does-the-fiduciary-process-work-aid-and-attendance-faq/

    Also, you can have your mother mark an "X" or use her thumbprint to sign the forms as long as there are 2 witnesses, which can be family members or friends. The witnesses must also sign their names on the cover letter with the application along with their addresses to complete the entire application packet.

    I hope that helps!
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    Thank you. I am literally just beginning to gather things to apply. What a process!

    Do the documents they require (marriage cert., death cert., etc.) need to be "official" copies or can I make a photocopy?

    Thank you!
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    You should send certified copies of licenses, and discharge papers rather than the originals.

    You can get those copies at most banks who have a Notary on staff, and can attest that the copies being provided are "True and Accurate".
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    Re: Deadlines for MERs?

    Dear VetAdmin,

    I just reread one of your responses (on page 32): "You can file at any time informing the VA of any changes to include increases in care expenses."

    Is this true for both prospective and retroactive benefits?

    If not, what deadlines, if any, are there for MERs so that A&A recipients can collect retroactive medical expenses?

    Thanks in advance... !
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    It does not always mean retroactive. Generally speaking, one files at the time of the increase, but also usually only in the case if that increase impacts the award amount. If the applicant is already at the max award, then it will have no bearing on the award amount, but still a good idea to keep the VA updated on any changes.

    I responded to your post on the addition to your Mom on your other post.

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