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    I am in the process of the helping my wife fill out the various forms in border for my mother in law to receive the aid and dependent aid from the VA. My question is can my wife sign for her mother? She is in the middle stages of dementia and the any mention of money can get angry at my wife. I also would like my wife to be her representative but again my mother in law would have to sign the paper. Can my wife sign her mother. She does have the power of attorney but from I have read the VA does not recognize it.

    Thank you
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    Your MIL has to sign the application, and all other paperwork.

    Until the VA makes a ruling of "incompetency" the dementia does not come into play in the application process.

    The VA does not recognize POA, so that does not have any affect either.

    If the MIL cannot sign her name, have her mark with an "X" and have it witnessed by two people. If she can't do that, you can do an inked thumb print also with two witnesses.
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