Which form to use for both parents?

Discussion in 'Tips and Resources' started by mobahr, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. mobahr

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    Hi everyone. So sorry to post what is probably the most stupid question ever but I honestly can't figure out which application form to use. I've checked FAQs and apologize if I've missed it.

    Need to apply for A & A for my parents. Dad is the vet and he needs household help. Mom is spouse and has severe dimentia. I have 21-526 and 21-534. Not sure if I can submit 1 form for both parents or if each parent needs separate app and if so, which one.

    Thanks for any advice. This is all so new to me.
  2. vetadmin

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    No problem, and glad you found us.

    You use the 21-526 and file as a veteran with spouse.

    Use the site the forums to get you through this process, and good luck!
  3. mobahr

    mobahr Newbie

    Thank you very much!

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