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    [/URL]This is my first time posting. My mother is presently in subsidized senior housing, but starting to show signs of needing additional care. Should I start the process of applying for Aid & Attendance now,as I have heard it is a very lengthy process (my Dad was a WWII veteran), or should I wait until the need to move her is eminent? Thank you.
  2. vetadmin

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    You can't apply until she is paying those expenses for care. I would get everything together, and be ready to move forward when you either move her into an ALF or start having to pay for care services to come in for her.
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    When you say "get everything ready", do you mean all the documentation that is listed on your website including the physician's form even when the veteran is not yet getting home care, in assisted living or in a nursing home? Or would the physician form be filled out once the veteran is receiving either in home care or in a facility? The VSO said to send in the application even though we are not yet paying for care....I am questioning his telling me that because it seems like VA would look at it and see we don't qualify fianacially??? I'm sorry to have constant questions but I am just trying desperately to educate myself and this website is the best place to do that.
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    You would wait. You don't want to get turned down just because he does not qualify financially being able to show the cost of his care.

    How can you apply for something to offset costs you are not incurring?

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