What to do about new expenses after application submitted

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Caroliso, Jun 29, 2011.

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    I am currently waiting to hear on my Dad's A&A application submitted in May. I received a call from the receiving VA office several weeks after they received it to say after I submitted additional info (which I did) it would be reviewed, probably by July 1.

    Two questions. One is what is the max my Dad could be awarded? I know the actual will depend on what he submitted, but I'm trying to figure out best case scenario.

    Also, when I submitted I only submitted M-F caregiver totals. Not submitted were Sat and Sun, and occasional evening caregiver expenses, mostly because they were just starting, or in the evening case provided by different caregivers who only came the one time so was too difficult to track them down for the signed statement.

    Should I be preparing to update this info while the application is still in process, or should I wait for this EVR I keep hearing about? Also, is the EVR issued at the end of a calendar year, or a year from the award date?

    Thanks, and thanks (again) for the gift that is this site. I have learned so much by reviewing the excellent resources, and keeping up with the questions that others have posed.
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    EVR's are issued in December and MUST be submitted by March to avoid award suspension.

    You can turn in a new care expense statement or 21-8416 at any time. If you currently have a claim pending, I would suggest you submit the new expenses now.

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