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    I don't know the answers to some of the questions on the 21-527ez and I don't think my Dad is able to really answer me due to his dementia. Do I write 'I don't know' or leave blank or just fill in what I do know?

    The questions I don't have the information for are:

    Have you ever filed a claim with VA? I don't believe he has but I am not sure. If he did, it was way back in the 40s. Also, he has VA Life insurance so would that file number be the same? How can I find out?

    Date/Month/Year of his first marriage. I know my dad's 1st wife's name but not when they divorced or married.

    Tell us about employment for one year before you became disabled. My Dad retired 13 years ago and received his dementia diagnosis about 5 months ago. Does this mean I can leave this question blank?
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    I'm sorry I am just now seeing this question.

    If you do not know if your father has ever filed a claim, I would advise to elect "no" on this question. You leave the VA file number blank if you are electing to say he did not file a claim. The VA will fill that in.

    For the marriage questions, I would fill them out to the best of your ability. You can always let the VA know on the Statement in Support of Claim form 21-4138 attached to the application that you and your father do not know the exact date/month/year of his first marriage but have filled out the information the best that you can.

    If your father is over the age of 65 you do not need to fill out the employment section. Mark N/A in the questions about employment.

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