What are the absolutely necessary documents to include?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Perle, Jun 30, 2011.

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    My dad is a 90+ year old WWII vet, and has been in a nursing home as a private pay resident since Dec 2008. That has nearly eaten up all of his bank account. I just found out about the A&A about 2 months ago, but as luck would have it the tornados came through the day after I dropped off the Nursing Home Status form to be completed! So here I am shooting to get the A&A application in the mail this weekend. I'm freaking out because I want to get the right information in to the VA and after reading posts on the forum, everything is a clear as mud. So I need some expert advice on what I need to submit.

    In addition to the 21-526, 21-4142, 21-0845, and 21-22a I have the following supporting documents:

    (1) Copy of original discharge papers dated 1946, (2) copy of my mother's death certificate, (3) bank records from Jan 2010-current,
    (4) US OPM notice of annuity adjustment (shows 2010 and 2011 monthly amount), (5) 1099-R for 2010 state retirement annuity payments, (6) pharmacy printout of prescriptions with co-pay 2010 - current, (7) nursing home bills 2010 - current, (8) copies of 3 medical bills that were not covered by BCBS or Medicare, (9) a copy of the letter stating the health insurance monthly premium for 2011 (this is paid through automatic deposit), and (10) the Nursing Home Status Form.

    Is this enough documentation or too much? As respects the bank records, do I need just the most current, the prior 12 months, or back to 2010? Do I need a copy of my parents marriage certificate?

    How much detail is required on the medical listing on the 21-4142? The nursing home has a physician that tends to the residents. Should I go through the BCBS records and list everytime he has seen my father in the past 12 months?

    Is there anything else that I need to send?

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    If it were me applying, I would turn in:

    21-0779 (or assisted living statement)

    If you have an original discharge, turn that in as well. Otherwise, don't stress out about it. VA has a lot of these records already verified and can request verification from the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) on your behalf.
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    Thank you Vetadmin for the link to the "success story" post. That is exactly what I was looking for, a step by step guide to putting the submission together. And thank you VSR for listing the forms. The stress of gathering all the documents, filling out all of the forms, and knowing that I need to get this done asap got to me. Plus, I'm the master of overkill when I get anxious and realized that I needed a reality check before I sent every scrap of paper in my file to the VA! Now I've taken a deep breath and have a better sense of what is essential.

    Thank you again for your advice and support. And thank you Debbie for creating this wonderful website. It got me started and will see me through to the end.
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    You are so welcome Perle!

    Usually when folks find us they are in a panic, or a desperate situation, so take that deep breath, and realize its all here.

    Thank you for your kind words.

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