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    ???Hello to all- I am the son of a WW2 veteran( the greatest generation). My dad and mom live in Florida. My dad is 86 years old and has come to the point in life where he needs aid. I live in NY and just came back from a visit and really believe that my Dad and Mom both need home health care. I am confused as to how to start looking. I would like to give you a little background if I may. That is the only way you can give me an intelligent answer.They have about 65K left in assets in interest bearing annuities. That is all they have. They have one checkbook that is used for all their expenses and everyday needs. It pays their bills and Long term care premiums and whatever incidentals that might come up. On my last trip down there I did my best to figure out what their expenses are and what their income is. Well after adding I believe everything up to the best of my knowledge I came to learn that their income is only about $1800 per month TOTAL!! And their expenses are approximately $2000 per month ( I believe I found most of their outgoing expenses- I might have missed a few but I will find that out over time). I had to become Power of Attorney because my Mom is legally blind and my Dad never knew how to do the checkbook (if you know what I mean).
    I am now paying all their bills from NY. I had to give them some money since they had no money in their checkbook-So to stop blabbing so much- I truly hope that you can help me navigate my way thru this hard process. I was initially told to get an elder lawyer- BUT at this point I do not believe they can afford that expense. I was able to not use an attorney for the POA by downloading a form from the internet with the help of the bank manager. So that is my dilemna- Do I need this DD214 form or is the WD AGO 53-55 form OK- and if so what is my next step- I really need to do this RIGHT and CORRECTLY the first time around so as to get him some much needed aid as soon as I can. Please help with this . Also he was a member of the Knights of Pythias for many years- is that something I should look into also?? Please advise- and thank you all so much for your help. I really need it.
    P.S.- my brother-in-law is an attorney- so if you think he can help please tell me what I need to ask him- he is not an elder lawyer-but is there anything he can do as well to help me???
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    move your posts to General so it gets read by alll.
    Yes, you parents could qualify.
    Just add up the medical expenses: premiums rx etc ( not food or utilities)
    The asset level is probably low enough.
    you can order the Discarge doc online.
    THe 2 page Doc statement is the form that triggers everything. so you need to get it going.

    form 526 is the general form that is the application
    you are applying for PENSION only.
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    Regarding LTC insurance, you are going to want to get help with this due to compliance that affects the VA award. It is tricky making sure you don't end up getting money you would have to give back.

    Since your brother-in-law is not an Elder Law Attorney, you may want to contact one, or contact ElderBenefitsConsulting.com. You need to make certain you factor everything in. You need someone who is knowledgeable and knows how to account everything correctly to avoid problems down the road.
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    Hi and I am sorry I did not reply sooner- never received a reply in my e-mail box--BUT I did just -email u directly with another question. I thank you so much for your teaching me how to handle this very stressful situation. :)

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