waiting for a evr form from the va still.....when do they usually arrive?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by johnblagg, Feb 9, 2011.

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    I have not recieved a evr form yet and was wondering when they should be recieved...

    I did Call the Va and request they send one just in case .....

    I also wonder just what is the time frame everyone mentions they need to be sent back by?Is this timeframe from the time you recieve it or a general date the VA expects one back even if they did not mail one out on time?
  2. AngelaManz

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    I believe that it is due by March 31. It's either the 1st or the 31st, but I don't have the letter in front of me to check.

    Here is the link to the form

    The VA will suspend the benefit if they do not receive the form back by the deadline. And they don't care whether they neglected to send it to you or not. It's still your responsibility to send it back, so I would get it done as soon as you can. Getting a benefit unsuspended can be a nightmare.
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