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Discussion in 'Share Your Personal Experience' started by vetadmin, Feb 11, 2012.

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    Nice job on the video Debbie!

    I hope this video raises awareness of the Veteran Aid Benefit-->maybe it will help on a national basis as well...

    I also hope that your users will financially support all of the extremely hard work you do...your dedication to this project is amazing! I have never found any forum that begins to match the usefulness of this forum...truly an incredible resource for us all to use...thank you.

    I also like how you changed the "suggested donation" to $11.12. What a great reminder for folks to contribute in 2012..even if they have given in 2011...

    Again, thank you for all you do!
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    Thank you...thank you!

    This is a huge responsibility that I could have never imagined would have come about when I launched the site 6 years ago. Could never imagined I would go to Washington to meet with Senators and the Veterans' Senate Committee, or try to get a veteran's bill before Congress.

    The site and its following at this point is massive. We average 40,000+ first time visitors to the site each month. We have almost 3,000 members here on the forums, so donations are so greatly appreciated to offset the costs of running and maintaining all that is associated with this mission.

    Anyone familiar with my story knows how personal this is for me, and to that point, I will continue to pay the expenses, continue to go to Washington and fight for what I believe is the honorable thing to do.
  4. Debbie - Thank you for your tireless work on behalf of veterans. Your deeds shall not go unnoticed in life and beyond.

    And I'd like to thank you for your personal reply to my request to help you and your organization. I have very little money and am currently trying to get A&A and your forum and other information is very helpful.

    Again, I will ask if you need any help in the Seattle Washington area. Although somewhat ambulatory, I still have all my studio equipment from when I ran a video documentation business. I can do interviews for you up here, meet with anyone that has issues and even do internet work for you (transcribing, typing documents, PDF's, WORD, graphics, etc.

    The offer's there Debbie - God bless you.

    USN 1971-1977
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    Thank you so very much for your kind words and generous offer. It may be that I take you up on doing some videos for VeteranAid, and possibly some graphics.

    This is kind of on the back burner for me at the moment due to other commitments I have for the organization along with keeping up with emails and the forums. This is full-time, 7-days a week for me, and I wear all the hats, but I won't forget your kindness.

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    Great Video!! I am so thrilled to have found this wonderful site and to know that had it not been for you and a few other wonderful people here I would most likely never received the award for my husband. It is sad to say the VA seems to make things very difficult and I really think their goal is to just make you get so overwhelmed that you just stop the process.

    My small donation could in no way repay the help I got from this site but I vow to continue to keep sending as much as I can so others may be helped as I know it is not only time consuming but expensive for you to do this work for so many people.

    Many thanks again Debbie for your hard work and kindness
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    Stonewick - thank you for your considerations.

    I know that most here are in difficult financial situations trying to take care of a loved one, so I don't take lightly any donation we receive, and appreciate anything, not just monetarily anything that supports our work to gain national attention for our veterans and this pension.

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