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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Flower76, Jul 24, 2008.

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    Hello, I have a question and am hoping someone might be able to help me. My uncle is a Vietnam vet and is completely disabled. He qualifies for the Veterans Improved Pension Benefit but a possible concern is an ex-wife. She is unfortunately out to get whatever she thinks he has. Currently he hardly has enough to cover his monthly costs and she is already getting half of his retirement. If he was able to get this benefit, would there be any way of her finding out and/or going to court and taking it from him? Also, does the VA have any kind of legal aid for low income vets?
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    The divorce would exclude her from being eligible for A&A as his spouse.

    We are not aware of anyone to recommend contacting with regards to legal aid. You may want to look locally for Legal Aid through your county services. As well you may want to do a search on-line for legal help for veterans. We see that there are many out there, but cannot vouch for their creditability. May need to do some additional research
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    Thanks so much!

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