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    Our veteran previously signed a VBA 21-22 appointing an org to represent him with claims. After reading fine print, it appears he can supercede the prior appointment by: Appointing a new representative; (or by writing VA to rescind the prior appointment.)

    Q: Is our interpretation correct: Veteran can supercede prior form by using Form VBA-21-22A to appoint a new individual?

    Q2: Is there any benefit is appointing an organization again instead of an individual? We were thinking of the individual route...as we feel we have his best interest at heart.

    Suggestions beyond these two questions are definitely welcome!

    Thank you!
  2. dw999

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    Follow-up questions:

    If we do the individual representation approach -- Should we file it now? Or wait until we file the A&A application?

    (After research, we understand that the 21-22a Indiv Representative -- can only apply to one (1) Claim: How do they (the VA) know which claim?
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    DO NOT do the 21-22. It does not apply in your situation.

    You do the 21-0845 "Approved 3rd Party" to appoint the person who will be dealing with the application, authorizing you, or whomever to be able to speak with the VA.

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