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    I thought I was savey on this qualification but I need some advise now.
    I am helping a spouse of a Cold War Vet. His service was between Korea and Vietnam. He is severely disabled being legally blind, Dementia and a number of other ailments which render him completely incapacitated. They had to file bankruptcy due to illnesses etc. She is his certified care taker. They meet all the financial and medical qualifications but seems not the Wartime. I was of the understanding that disabilities and financial qualified them for A&A?
    Is it an absolute requirement that the Veteran was a war time Veteran?
    Mil T
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    I'm sorry I just noticed that I was in Read and Contribute forum and this probably should have been under General.
    If Admin wants to move it that's fine.
    Mil T
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    Yes, the veteran has to have served during an approved period of war to be eligible for this pension.

    It may be a matter of him investigating being rated by the VA for service-related injuries for compensation if his illnesses are in any attached to his service.
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    Thanks Debbie.

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