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    I found your forum back in May, 2010. I was helping a 90 year old gentlemen, friend of my husband and myself for 7 years. Thanks to all the help given here, I did the online application process on May 29, 2010 and then received a letter requesting other forms to be filled out which we did, and submitted. He was awarded the Aid and Attendance Benefit and received his money on September 29 for the months back to June 1.

    Also they included forms to fill out for the prior year of May 2010 back to May 2009 to claim.

    I have so thankful to all of you here for helping me so much and so is our friend, Ed.

    Again I cannot thank you enough, Debbie, for starting this forum and helping so many people.
  2. vetadmin

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    Thank you for sharing the successful outcome on this application, and that my work help to make a difference for this Veteran.
  3. Leigh Ann

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    So glad you were successful for your friend, as he deserves it. I too AM SO THANKFUL for this wealth of information offered here.

    I submitted the A&A application for my 86 yr old grandmother in August (late Aug) and received a letter for some additional information a short time later. I check the mail everyday as soon as I come home hoping for good news. It's probably way too soon, but I remain hopeful. With a AL bill of 3000.00 per month it would really be appreciated.

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