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    Thank-you all!
    Everyone of you who has posted and to our advocate with
    the life saving information. I've posted many times and either the advocate or a response or some one else's question helped me get
    through this nightmare. It was 13 months and my mother finally got what she was entitled to--Her Aid and Attendance. I was never so scared in my life. We had to get a 2nd mortgage on our house just to make the ALF rent. We were already paying for her prescriptions too. If, it wasn't for this site, I don't know what would have happened.
    Thank-you All
    from the bottom of my heart!
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    We are so glad to hear the good news. We can tell the relief in your posting and that is why we exist. Don't be a stranger to the forum because you can now help others with the experience you have. We will also be keeping the forum updated with new items of interest as it relates to 'aid and attendance'.

    I know you will help spread the word to others who can benefit from this benefit.

    Take care and God Bless You and Your Family.
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    No one could be happier for you than I am right this moment.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on how this site and forum helped you to be able to take care of your mom.

    If you have read my story on this forum, it should tell you, how much this means to me to know that my fight has made a difference. It is soon approaching the two year anniversary of my mother's passing.

    Thank you for giving me a smile in my heart.

    I wish you and your mom all the best, and am honored that we could be a light along the way for you.

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    ;D Unbelievable! Congratulations and best of luck to your family. I agree that this website is a god-send for all of us.
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    Aid and Attendance Benefit for Veterans

    THIS IS HOW WE TAKE CARE OF OUR WWII VETERANS - NOT TRUE !! I have found this program to be extremely UNHELPFUL and also DETRIMENTAL to people like my mother. It is false advertising as far as I am concernced.

    My 84 year old mother(served as a WAVE in WWII) and now has Alzheimer's. My brother was asked to live with her in her home for as long as possible. Her request. However, now she needs help with dressing, bathing, bathroom etc. My brother is NOT comfortable with this kind of care. All my mother has is her house, $1500 in her checking account and a Social Security check for $950 a month. (remember my brother cannot work, because he is her full-time Alzheimer care giver- the only money they have is $950 a month). He needs to hire someone to help with this "private" kind of care.

    Under this program, she is eligible for $1519 per month; HOWEVER, they take away her $950 Social Security check (which she rightfully earned) and she loses the benefit of free medication. So after taking away her Social Security check, she only receives $569. Take away $300 a month for medications and she is left with $269 - to pay her food, water; electric; and taxes. Now she is living even further below the poverty level!!

    This is while our Congressmen/women and Senators receive full salary as a retirement package -after they have only served five years; they also receive free medical and dental for themselves and their family members as long as they live (no copays for them). And they receive COLA allowances every year. But, they get to take away the Social Security that my mother earned. This is no benefit. This is like the game find the marble under the cup. They are just moving the money around. They are NOT taking care of our veterans.

    We need to call our Congress and let them know they cannot shuffle the money around and call it a "benefit" for our veterans.

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    I agree with a lot of your comments but I think you have been given some wrong information or misunderstood some of the information. This website was created to help individuals like you and your Mother. We are not VA supporters nor do we have any connection with the VA. Our only goal is to help veterans and widows obtain the benefits that they are entitled to.

    I totally agree with your comments about contacting our elected officials and DEMAND better treatment and benefits for our veterans and widows. Until that is done, we must work with what we have. Although the program is not the best, it has helped a lot of families.

    I will be willing to talk to you about your Mother's situation and explain some of the information that I feel was improperly given to you. If your Mother is approved for the veteran's pension with A&A, she will be entitled to all of her prescriptions free of charge from the VA. She will also be entitled to any medical equipment prescribed by her doctor. Things like wheelchair, scooter, hospital bed, etc.

    When we talk, there may be additional benefits that we can discuss. I don't want to discuss too much personal information on the forum and I don't want to assume anything. If you want me to call you, please send me a personal email with your phone number and I will give you a call.

    I hope you will help us to help others in obtaining their benefits. We all need to work together to improve the benefits for our veterans and widows. Thank you for writing.
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    Re: For Alicia

    Alicia, I do not know how your mother's Soc Sec was taken away. If she receives Aid/Attend from the VA, her earned Soc Sec should never have been taken away. Are you sure you've understood all the info? No one at the VA has told me that my mother's social security will be taken away if she receives Aid/Attend.

    Anyone add anything here?? This would be news to me that Soc Sec is taken away.

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