Survivor's Benefits Claim--9 Months Now And No Decision From VA--Help

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    I am getting concerned and not sure what action to take. My mother is a widow of a veteran who applied for Survivor's benefits in October of 2010. She received notices that her claim had been received and has been sent updates that her claim is still being evaluated and in February 2011, she received a "Statement In Support of Claim" form to fill out with information asking her if this is all the evidence she had to go ahead and make a decision. Well that was sent back in March of 2011 before the deadline they gave. Since then we have gotten 2 more computer generated notices that her claim is still being evaluated.

    It is going on 9 months now since her claim was received, and she is getting very concerned. She is 78 years old and not in good health. Do you have any suggestions on how to expedite this? It is my understanding that the average wait for a decision is a little over 6 months. I also understand that widows/Survivor's of veterans over the age of 70 are given expedited status in evaluating claims.

    Thank you for any help.[/font]

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