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    My father a WWII vet passed away last week but received the aid and attendance benefits he was due. Because of this website, and ONLY because of this website were we successful in obtaining these benefits. In fact I didn't know these benefits existed until I started looking around online and found this website. I can't thank you enough.

    Our brief story: The whole process took 18 months. The best advice was filing the form immediately that created a start date to the process. Because of this we were able to receive payments backdated to that date. It was a slow, tedious process with correspondence back and forth about 5 times. New documents and further explanations from my end were needed in the form of receipts for my father's caregivers. Initially the VA granted only $750 per month, but after sending in the caregiver receipts he was bumped up to $2,000 per month. The VA made an earlier mistake in back payments (they neglected the initial 2 months), but rectified that after I wrote to them.

    So in my case things worked out really well in the end. My advice... follow the advice here! Don't give up, just expect the process to move at a snails pace.

    I just donated in honor of my father, Leonard "Red" Borris, a WWII Army Airforce glider pilot.

    Thank you, Thank you VeteranAid!
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    I appreciate your father's service to our country. I am sorry for your loss in his passing.
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    We offer our condolences on the loss of your Dad, but I am also honored that my work and efforts had an impact on is life and made a difference for him and you.

    I greatly appreciate the donation in his Memory and your gratitude for the work I do.

    Thank you for your kind words, and please share the site with others who may have a loved one who could benefit.

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