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    I would like to thank everyone on this forum. I was able to get the full A&A award for my mother due to the tips, comments, and advice from all of you.
    I first heard of the benefit from Mom's elder care atty, but at time Mom was still in Independent Living, She moved to Assisted Living in May 2013. I started the process immediately. The week she moved in, one of the infamous A&A seminars was conducted by a financial advisor, hosted by the facility. I met with him the following week. All he wanted to do was sell Mom's house, and then refer me to an atty to set up a house trust. Thanks to this board, I learned that could have negative consequences.
    Following is the rest of the timeline (all dates are 2013):

    June 13 Dr. completed 21-2680
    July 31 Appt. with the VSO at City Hall. Discovered (thanks to this board) he did 21-22, had several misspellings on 21-534. I decided to go back to completing the app. myself.
    (At this point I was held up a few weeks waiting for Mom's eye dr. to return letter verifying vision, and getting a certified copy of Dad's discharge papers.)
    Sept 13 Submitted packet (certified mail)
    Oct 16 Received first response dated Oct 9. There were only 2 pages of additional evidence the VA wanted (redundant info from her dr. and the living facility).
    Oct 30 Submitted additional evidence (some papers were the same I originally sent-this time I highlighted)
    Nov 25 Received form letter dated Nov 18, "We are still processing..."
    Dec 23 (or 24) What a Christmas gift! Received award letter (dated Dec 18) and incompetency proposal.
    Dec 31 Award of $1,130 directly deposited into Mom's account
    Jan 6 (2014) Mailed Incompetency Notice Response with Statement of Claim (certified mail)

    I spent hours researching these forums. Once again, I cannot thank everyone enough!
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    Well Congratulations, and so happy that the site and forums were such an assistance to you!!

    Thank you for sharing your story so that others who are just starting, or delayed in the process can appreciate the process is worth the effort.

    Best of luck to you and your Mom!
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    This was a very helpful message as I am just now beginning the process of completing the application for my mother for aid and attendance. My mother and I are visiting with my brother in FL for the winter and my sister in law (who used to work for the VA) suggested applying for this service since I had to quit my job in November to become my mother's full time caregiver ( we are from WV). Before getting too far in this process of paperwork, I am trying to determine if my mother's income would prevent her from being eligible for aid and attendance by continuing to live in her home with me as a caregiver. Both my mother and father are veterans but only my father served in the service during WWII and the Korean conflict so I assume we will apply under his service record. Any tips or suggestions you can provide I would greatly appreciate. Thanks in advance for your help.
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    I also had another question. My father died in 1999. He was married prior to marrying my mother and that marriage ended in divorce and he had one daughter with that wife. Both his daughter (from that marriage) and ex wife are now deceased. Will this complicate matters when it comes to my mother applying for aid and attendance benefits? Also, I have seen from others that since I am my mother's only caregiver, that she needs to show that she is paying me a salary in order to qualify for aid and attendance. Is this true? Thanks again for your help.

    Patty Wright
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    You need to file under your Dad's service, and need to get a copy of the Divorce Decree from the prior marriage.

    Yes, she would need to be paying you to act as her caregiver in order to have an expense for care to claim.

    She can remain in her home and make application.

    Without knowing her finances, we can't say that she meets the financial guidelines.

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