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Discussion in 'Waiting on Updates' started by esante, Jun 3, 2012.

  1. esante

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    It's been 6 months since we sent in all the information for my Mother to receive Aid & Attendance and the only thing we have received are three letters saying that they are still processing it. This certainly is a long process. Any suggestions?
  2. dgrigs

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    Don't give up. We applied in July of last year for my Father who is a WWII vet and Mother and received a partial award in April of this year. Make sure all your expense documentation have dates on them. This is something that can delay things or cause expenses to be denied and only a partial benefit be awarded as was our case. We are trying to re-submit the expenses to get the partial pension upgraded to the full amount which they qualify for.
  3. Fillise

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    We applied in June of last year and still haven't heard anything. We sent in all supporting documentation and now they want dad to resubmit the physicians statement because it is a year old. Of course, that's their fault, but we are resubmitting anyway because Dad has deteriorated and so is more in need of assistance with the basic activities of daily living.
  4. vetadmin

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    You do need to submit it, but I would also contact his Senator's office and ask for an inquiry shortly after you know they have received it. You don't want them to respond by saying they are waiting on documents from the applicant.

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