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    Sorry for asking too many questions but almost have everything together that I need.
    Two questions:

    1) For Social Security income do you list the Gross Amount or the Net Amount that is deposited into the checking account ? The Gross Amount has the Medicare Part B Premium taken out - but is that the correct amount to use in the forms ?

    2) My mother pays for a medicare supplement plan but the premium is reimbursed by my father's former company thru an HRA type of reimbursement account. Does this medical reimbursement count as income ? This is all automated so I am not even sure how I would show this as income - there is no monthly statement for this.

    Thanks, Steve
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    My suggestions:

    Re: 1) Social Security Income

    Using the VA Form 21-534EZ,

    at Section VIII (Gross Income), Block 38, show the Gross Amount.

    at Section X (Medical, . . . Expenses), Block 40, show the monthly Medicare deduction/Part B premium amount.

    Amount Paid By You: $104.90
    Date Paid: Monthly
    Purpose: Medicare Deduction
    Paid To: Medicare
    Relationship of Person For Whom Expenses Paid: Self/Claimant

    Re: 2) Medicare Supplement Plan monthly premium.

    If there is no monthly premium statement, is/was there an automated annual "HRA type" statement from which you could then calculate the average monthly premium/medical expense?

    Or, call the Supp Plan company/provider and ask for a duplicate statement of the premiums paid over the last year.

    If the premium expense was reimbursed by your father's "former" company, does that mean the reimbursement stopped upon the company closure? How long ago did your father's "former" company close?

    Otherwise, I'm not sure on this one.
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  3. Steve Wilner

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    I was not clear enough - my mother gets reimbursement for medical expenses thru a company funded HRA account. The company was the company my father worked for and it replaced retiree medical coverage that used to be handled directly by the company. There is an annual amount available and claims can be put in for eligible medical expenses. So the monthly premium for a medicare supplement plan is reimbursed a few weeks after each month after payment is made. Not sure how to report this - is it considered income but it is only used for medical cost reimbursements. This is not taxable income and is an arrangement made by the company so they could get out of the game of providing retiree supplemental medical coverage. Thanks, Steve
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    If it were me, I would probably just report on the A&A application the amount that she is not reimbursed from the company. Because in the end that's how much she is paying out of pocket.

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