Should I reapply for mom again after 2 years??

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    Sorry if this is going to be long..
    My dad passed away in 2012 and did have Aid and Attendance which paid for his nursing home care in a Veteran's home in Texas. We were very grateful for the care and pension.
    Applied for mom to receive Death Pension benefits or Aid in Attendance in Feb 2015. She was also diagnosed with mild to moderate dementia. She has lived with me and my husband since 2008. Since then she has had Breast cancer, low sodium and recently a pacemaker. At the time in 2015, we did have someone come to the house to assist her. She decided she wasn't ready to have someone all the time and when I received the letter from the VA wanting the Form 21-0518-1 (Eligibility Verification report), form 21-8416 (Medical Expense Report) and Care Expense Report, I didn't do anything about it. So she was denied a reopened Death Pension benefits. Now I'm assisting her with showers and have friends "babysitting" her when I'm away for the day in the summer(I'm a teacher so I'm off). I know that soon I will not longer be able to care for her. Please don't judge as I am considering placing her in assisted living. We did go to one place to "look" and she loved it. problem is that it's $3000. a month and she only has $2500. all burial is prepaid, no property, insurance paid up and only receives SS($1370.). I applied for STAR PLUS medicaid wavier and she was $500 over the $2000. income limit, for someone to come to the house. We have to wait til Dec. to reapply. She also has very good medical insurance and hardly no prescription cost. Any suggestions? Was I supposed to resend the Eligibility Verification Report? Thank you for this website as I have referenced to it many times over the last years.
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    Hello @Lenzi004 ,

    First I want to say I am sorry to hear about your father's passing. And your mother's recent health issues.

    Quick question about the medicaid waiver - did you actually apply for Medicaid for your mother? Or is she on Medicaid? That makes a difference for the A&A benefit.

    If you want to reapply for your mother it seems to me like a good idea since you are looking at moving her into an assisted living community. You shouldn't need to start a completely new application since you've already applied for her once. What I would do is start with updating the VA on any current medical and/or care expenses that your mother has - you can use the Medical Expense Report - and also make sure to send a cover letter letting them know you are reapplying from a previous application sent in February 2015. If you have the original VA filing number that would be helpful for them. Your mother's SSN should work if you do not have the original filing number for her Feb. 2015 application. Did you send an Authorization to Disclose Personal Info to Third Party form with the first application? So that you could be the one in communication with the VA if you need to? Rather than all the communication having to only go to your mother? If not, I would make sure you have that as well.

    I hope this helps to get you started? Thank you for the kind words! I am happy to hear you have spread the word about our website!
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    Yes, I did apply and was denied because she was over the $2000 income limit. STAR PLUS is a community based program for her to get help while she's still in our home. They also arrange Meals on Wheels, Home health Aide, etc. They pay someone through the program or we hire someone and they give us money to pay them. I spoke with the person I had contact with for the application and she said she would put mom's name back on the wait list. I can reapply in Dec. for STAR PLUS and Medicaid since they have the 3 month look back. I forgot to mention that she's 87 . I honestly don't think she would get anything from the VA since The only expenses she has is low cost prescriptions, supplements and insurance premiums. How far back am I allowed to go on the Medical Expense Report? It's worth a shot. Thank you for your help!
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    I agree in that if she only has low cost prescriptions, supplements, and insurance premiums then it may be tough to show a shortfall in her assets and therefore a need for the A&A benefit. But if you were to look into assisted living and she started having more medical expenses that were ongoing (i.e. any sort of senior care) then I would definitely recommend look into getting the A&A benefit.

    For the medical expense report, keep in mind it is ongoing expenses that you are reporting. So therefore you may go back as far as you like as long as those expenses are recurring in the present.

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