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    My deceased father was a WWII veteran. My mother is 85 and recently had a stroke. She cannot cook, drive, or manage her medicines. We have found a senior independent living facility that she can afford with her social security. She has $30k in the bank and will have to use it for medicines, toiletries, etc. She cannot afford assisted living on her monthly income. We have talked to two companies about helping us apply for A&A. One says she would not qualify because she has money in the bank. The second says they could get her some assistance because the facility provides 3 meals/day, housekeeping and transportation. This is assistance in her daily living. But we would have to pay them a fee for their assitance. We have talked to the local VA office and they say she would not qualify because the facility is not assisted living. We do not know what to do -- take a chance and pay the company in hopes in getting some assistance or using up all of her savings and then apply. We get a different opinion from everyone we talk to. Has anyone been successful in getting A&A when you live in an independent living facility?
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    Run as fast as you can from this "company" and read the thread from the link below, then wait for posts from Debbie and other members. It is illegal to charge a vet for filling out the forms and filing them.,1912.0.html
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    RUN, and do not pass go!

    She does not have too much money for starters, so let's take that off the table for the financial guy to make a commission off of.

    She won't qualify for this pension in Independent Living. You can thank those fine folks for trying to fill up their builidings with this pension, but not offer the services assisted living does. If she were to fall on this property, they won't even pick her up due to the liability.

    If you cannot afford assisted living with this pension on top her of her monthly income, then I highly recommend you look into in-home care to come in for her.

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