retroactive payments to informal claim date

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    I received the award letter for $1130 with effective date of Sept.1,2014 but no mention of retroactive payments back to informal claim date of May 16, 2014. will there be a separate letter for the retroactive payments going back to the informal claim date?? If so, how long before I get that letter? The formal claim was originally denied JUly 23, 2014 but I submitted form 21-8049 and 21-0518-1 and then it was awarded. If you get denied first and then have your claim reopened when you submit more forms (more info) are you not entitled to retroactive payments ??
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    You need to let the VA know about the discrepancy using the Statement in Support of Claim
  3. VA Legal Team

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    A re-opened claim is still entitled to retroactive benefits.

    However, it is likely that you were awarded benefits because assets were spent down. If that's what happened, the retro date would not be the effective date of the claim (i.e. the date the VA received your original application). The award date would be the date the VA decided it wasn't reasonable for you to continue to spend assets to provide for your care. That date could, theoretically, have been last month. If that's what happened, you may not be entitled to retroactive benefits.

    You should check with the VA.

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