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    My mom and dad (both vets) applied for A&A on Sept. 9, 2014, and were awarded benefits on February 2, 2015.

    My mom needs the fiduciary. They have chosen my sister -- she applied to be their fiduciary a few months back and is still waiting to hear anything.

    So my dad got the Sept-Feb back payment, but my mom (needs fiduciary) is still waiting for that money.

    Also, I want to apply for the retroactive payment for the prior year(s), before September 9, 2014. Is it simply one prior year, or can it go back farther?

    Do I have until Sept 9, 2015 (date of their application) or do I have until Feb 22, 2016 (date A&A was awarded) to finish and send in the new application for the prior year(s) retroactive payment?

    Also, when I do apply for the prior year(s), will the VA put everything on hold until the fiduciary is approved to actually send us the retroactive monies?

    Thanks for your help.
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    Not sure if the VA has awarded under the Liberalizing Law the 12 months prior for both Mom and Dad. Unless you received notification from the VA informing you that the applicant is eligible for the previous 12 months, you cannot file for it. If their situations are the same and both required care the 12 months prior and had close to the same expenses for care, then I would contact the VA and inquire if the law applies for your Mom's situation.

    You cannot go back more than the previous 12 months.

    Any back monies will not be released until the Fiduciary process has been completed.

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