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    My husband and I applied for Aid and Attendance 1 year ago Jan. 2014 when my husband was placed in assisted living due to Alzheimers . We received a letter in Oct 2014 that they were nearing the end of the process and they wanted info regarding our finances in the previous year. I sent it right away. My husband was placed on hospice Dec 9, 2014. The end of Dec. I received 2 letters, one indicating that he had been approved for $2160 a month aid and attendance benefit that would be retroactive to Jan 2014. The second letter suspended the payment because of his dementia and required that a fidiciary be appointed. My husband passed away on Jan 6, 2015. The assisted living facility was $3100 a month. They agreed to $2500 a month (borrowed from my mother in law) and then to collecting the balance $600 per month when the aid and attendance was approved. How do I go about receiveing the total accrued amount to help pay both my mother-in-law and the assisted living facility back. What kind of documentation will the VA require? They did an automatic deposit in our bank account on Jan 30, 2015 and then contacted me a week later and told me they were taking it out as it was for my husband and he was now deceased. Interesting it takes them well over a year to come through with a benefit my husband more than qualified for and then a week to take the $ back! :(
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    sorry for your loss. if you are just looking for the benefits due to him, you can complete VA form 21-534EZ and just check accrued on page 6, complete page 7, sign page 10 and send a copy of the death certificate. If you want to claim death pension, you can mark that and then fill in the income/net worth section.

    as his spouse, you are entitled to the accrued based on relationship.
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    Thanks for your response. I hope you're right. I did complete the form and have received verification that they received it. The letter says don't call us. They'll contact me. Have any idea how long this step might take?

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