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    I spoke to a person at the Texas Veterans and told them that I was seeking 70% service connected , up from the current 30% for my father. His comment was that my father was already receiving the max through a & a. so even if increased to 70% there would not be any addition payments for the nursing home increases. I still sent in a request to increase to 70% due to insertion of the pacemaker and stints and beginning ALZ in conjuction with potential PSTD. I also asked for an expeditied decison. Reading this web site indicates that if you can get to 70% , nursing home may be covered.

    Do you have any comment?
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    What information that I read from Dept. of Veteran Affairs........If your father receives maximum A&A award it is $1,554.00/mo (more if married w/dependants) if he were awarded a claim as single, at a 70% rating he would only get $1,161.00/mo. The VA only gives a veteran the greater amount of one benefit over the other. They will not allow a veteran both. Contacting your local DVA can explain to you in detail. Good Luck to you!

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